Using Fitness Center Promotions to Increase Business

With at home workouts gaining more popularity with each passing day, it is becoming more difficult for gyms and fitness centers to offer something to their clients that video workouts can’t give them.

Fitness center promotions are some of the best ways to create an interest in your gym. Whether you offer reduced prices, special rewards, or discounted merchandise, the more prospective clients think they can get out of joining your gym, the more likely they are to go through with purchasing a membership.

Price is one of the most important factors in the decision to join a gym. With video workouts that can be completed multiple times and only require a one-time payment, an added monthly expense may seem like it’s not worth it to prospective members.

By running well timed promotions at reduced prices, you can easily attract a larger amount of interest. An example of this would be a year’s membership at 20% off when a customer purchases the membership in the first week of January. This is a very health-oriented month due to many New Year’s Resolutions being centered around fitness. Since many people will be looking to get healthier, the amount of interest in your gym would be increased at this point anyways.

Other tools gyms have used is a goal tracker. Members set their goals, whether it be to get their mile time down or to reach a certain weight, and when they reach their goals they get a reward, usually of free merchandise. Not only will this become free advertising for you, but it will also result in more active members that will likely continue their memberships after reaching their goals. With the promise of a reward after reaching a goal, it is more likely for people to join your gym and share about it with friends.

Promotions are important when it comes to getting business, but it is more important to know how to market your promotions. Always know what your average customer is so you can be sure to provide them with the best deals.

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