Top 3 Apps To Have in 2023 to Stay Productive

Do you need to know the top productivity apps? Whether searching for the best productivity apps in 2023 or recent years or only want the best productivity apps for iPhone, we have everything you need to know.

Staying productive is a crucial part of stress management. Stay on top of the game with the top three free productivity apps.

What Are Your Productivity Goals?

Consider your goals before downloading an app. Students might consider an app with a scheduling feature, while small business owners prefer a task-based app.

The Best Apps To Increase Productivity in 2023

Consider downloading these top apps to increase your productivity in work and life.


Todoist is an app specifically for to-do lists. It’s one of the top productivity apps on the market today, and you’ll love the interactive and efficient features.

The app lets you organize your to-do list to the finest detail. Create a sub-task to prioritize your assignments, sort tasks into categories, and add significant due dates to a schedule.

Todoist syncs on Apple Watch, Android, and Windows, so you’ll never miss a deadline or task. The simple, appealing interface makes the app easy to use.

The Todoist app lets you collaborate with teammates and manage up to five projects on the free plan. Upgrade to the premium membership to enjoy 500 projects and collaborations with 50 different users.

Zoho Projects

Check out Zoho Projects, a project management system that will improve your work and life productivity. It’s popular with small business owners, and the tool boasts more features than any other product management app on the market.

Keep track of your task list, input items into a project database, and communicate with teammates efficiently. Zoho Projects has tons of customizable options, and you can make the interface ideal for your use.

The Zoho Projects app has a timesheet feature where employees can track billable hours and record overtime. Also, consider integrating Zoho with an app you already know and love. Zoho Projects syncs with Microsoft and Dropbox, and the program is also one of the best Google productivity apps.


Whether you’re a writer, a student, or you only want to increase your productivity, Notion is an essential app. You can create to-do lists, calendars, work tracking sheets, and more with the Notion app. The program is among the top productivity apps for Android and is one of the best apps to increase productivity.

Choose from hundreds of unique templates like the Habit Tracker, Travel Planner, Company Goals, or Lesson Plans. The app syncs between your devices, so you can use Notion on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

The Notion app can help streamline your personal and professional life. Organize small business loans, create a directory of your employees, or craft a monthly reading list. The basic plan is free, and the pro plan is free for students with a valid university email address.

How To Be More Productive Using Apps

Whether you need Mac productivity apps or the best productivity apps for iPad, productivity apps are essential for success at work and school. However, we recommend keeping your interface organized and your schedule simplified to avoid spending too much time on the apps.

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