Managing a Gym: What Are Clients Really Looking For?

In most towns, there are many different gyms to choose from. Potential clients have the opportunity to check out a number of different gyms before settling on the one they want a contract with. Managing a gym means that it’s your responsibility to discover what clients really want out of their gyms–and in some cases, that can be a real challenge! Different clients are looking for different things, but fitness enthusiasts–the ones who are most likely to stay with your gym long-term–tend to have a few simple things in common.

Basic equipment is a necessity. Excessive equipment is in the way. When clients start looking for a home gym, they’re looking for a place that has the basic equipment they need. They want options for cardio–something more than just a stationary bike and a treadmill, perhaps. They also want a variety of weights, hand weights. On the other hand, cramming every inch of the gym full of the “latest fitness equipment” can backfire on you fast. Make sure that you focus on the standard equipment while still leaving room for a few upgrades here and there.

Space is a necessity. Most fitness enthusiasts don’t want to just hop on a treadmill and leave when they’re done with their run. Instead, they want to be able to stretch out, warm up at their leisure, and often perform exercises that don’t require the use of equipment. They need empty floor space to do that. Make sure that your only empty space in the gym isn’t a classroom that’s in use during your busiest hours.

Friendly personal trainers who are aware of when they’re needed (and when they’re not). If you have personal trainers at your gym, make sure they understand when to walk away from a customer who doesn’t have any interest in what they’re offering or any need for them. In many cases, overzealous personal trainers can turn off fitness enthusiasts who already know what they’re doing. A brief introduction or a comment on the proper use for equipment that isn’t being used correctly is often all the interaction a fitness enthusiast wants.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for managing your gym, contact us! We’ll work with you to develop a haven for fitness enthusiasts and recent couch potatoes alike, building up your business plan so that you’re sure to attract the clients you want.

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