Know your customer! Marketing for fitness centers

So many people will have the same new year’s resolution. They want to get fit. January is when membership registration soars at many fitness centers. However, when it gets to be March that tapers off. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the right marketing strategy you can have a profitable fitness center all year-long.

Who is your ideal customer?

Before starting your plan know who you want your ideal customer to be. Are they college students looking to work out while they study? Are they white-collar professionals who are looking to stay fit and unwind? Parents looking to stay in shape, or get back in shape? Once you know who you are trying to reach you can start to create a marketing strategy.

What does your ideal customer want?

If your target market is college students you will want flexible hours. College students are very busy, and are known to burn the midnight oil. If you are looking to attract white-collar professionals consider adding convenience and relaxation amenities. A spa area would be very appealing to someone looking to wind down. Families are attracted to a place that offers childcare while they work out. They want a family friendly atmosphere. Know what your customer values, and what they are looking for in a fitness center.

What is the competition doing?

Know what your competition is doing and what you will do better. Is there something the competition isn’t doing that your customers would like to see from you? What problem will you solve for them that will earn their business? Research and incorporate that into your marketing plan.

Building a fitness center is such a rewarding endeavor! Starting off with a good marketing plan is the key to success. Let us help you create the profitable fitness center of your dreams. Contact us today!

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