How to Motivate Employees & Show That Leadership Cares

Motivation is one of the most crucial aspects of an employee’s day-to-day life. Without it, employees won’t put effort into work that you hope they do.

They could even leave your company as they look for a better opportunity.

This article will explore how to motivate employees and show them that leadership cares about them on both a personal and business level.

The Benefits of Motivating Employees in Your Business

Your company will realize many benefits after getting good at employee motivation. Let’s discuss three main advantages to becoming good in this area.

Increased Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is one of the biggest benefits of having motivated employees. Since most people want to perform well, your people will put more effort into their tasks when feeling motivated.

They’ll produce better work, they’ll find ways to get the work done more efficiently, and they’ll be happier throughout the day.

Employee Turnover Rates Decreases

Turnover rate is one of the biggest costs to your business. It takes time to train new employees, make sure they’re working as they should, and ensure a smooth transition into the company.

When you work on motivating employees and increasing productivity, your employees will become happier within their roles. Your turnover rate should then decrease dramatically.

Improved Collaboration and Teamwork

If you get good at motivating employees as a leader, you’ll discover that it helps improve collaboration and teamwork.

10 Fun Ways to Motivate Employees

Here are 10 ways to motivate employees while keeping the company atmosphere fun and creative.

Let Employees Decide Their KPIs

Do you want to learn how to motivate employees as a manager? Let them determine what success means for their team. Morale and motivation go up when your people feel ownership over KPIs and have clear business goals.

Gamify the Process

Gamifying the bonus structure works wonders when you’re unsure about how to motivate employees. Try allowing for rewards throughout the week or month that come with some sort of prize.

Prizes might range from earning an hour of browsing Facebook or getting a ticket to an upcoming event. Gamifying is one of the most fun ways to motivate employees.

Encourage Healthy Competition

If you want to learn how to motivate employees to work harder, then set up a competition between teams. Each team will bond and work that much harder to gain bragging rights.

Let the Team Give “Shout-Outs” to Team Members

Rather than just praising an employee yourself, let the rest of the team praise them. Ask employees to give shout-outs to those people they saw do something great last week.

Let Employees Pick the Team Meeting Location

When employees are looking forward to a team meeting, it makes the entire process easier. Let them choose a location that they’re excited about. Everyone will get more out of the conversation.

Encourage Everyone to Acknowledge Others Publicly

Use software like Basecamp to create projects and hold the team together. Then, encourage the team to publicly acknowledge each time they see another team member do something great or help another person. Watch how motivated everyone gets to see their name in lights inside the Campfire.

Promote Fun Rewards and Recognition Events

Do you truly want to know how to motivate employees for better performance? Use fun rewards and recognition events. Go beyond the above suggestions and hold monthly recognition and reward events to keep employees striving to receive those monthly validation prompts.

Introduce Stretch Goals

Stretch goals are a great way for employees to feel motivated. It also shows that you have confidence in their abilities.

Introduce an Employee of the Month Program

Add extra pizazz to the monthly rewards and recognition event by adding an employee of the month program.

This is a great ​​solution when you don’t know how to motivate employees during COVID. Watch which employees stand out as they strive to find some sort of comfort throughout these difficult times.

Provide Team Members With Perks on Their Birthdays

Birthdays are a great time to let employees feel appreciated at work. You could provide an extra paid day off or a round of drinks with their team. It will remind them that they’re valued, and it helps create an environment where people want to come back every morning.

How to Motivate Employees Without Money

Let’s dive into how to motivate employees without adding more into your monthly payroll budget.

Plan Out a Fair Workload Distribution to Prevent Burnout

If an employee is feeling burned out, they’re not going to give their best at work each day. Plan out a fair workload distribution for your employees. Make sure nobody feels like they’re working more than others because this breeds resentment.

Provide Employees With the Tools They Need to Get Their Work Done

Employees who don’t have access to the proper tools will find that they struggle throughout their workday.

You can increase employee performance by providing them with the right work tools and software. If they need a better computer, laptop, or other device to get their work done, you should provide it for them.

Improve the Relationship Between Supervisor and Employee

The relationship between a supervisor and an employee can lead to increased employee performance.

From providing feedback to having one-on-one meetings, your employees will see that you care about their opinions. A key part of this is teaching your managers ​​how to communicate with employees.

It’s the Responsibility of Business Leaders to Focus on Employee Motivation

You can’t expect your employees to become the motivated people you want them to be magically. Instead, you must take responsibility for learning how to motivate employees more effectively.

Remember that your staff can make or break your customer experience. All it takes is one or two disgruntled employees to start a cascading avalanche of unhappy customers.

Even if you only select 5 ways to motivate employees that you’ve learned here, it will make a big difference on your team and your customers.

Employee Motivation Will Get Them to Work Harder & Smarter

Once your focus on motivation takes hold, you’ll see that employees start to work more intelligently within their roles. They’ll begin to work harder and take more pride in their work. In turn, this will help them become the employees you want to have on your team.

People become motivated when they feel appreciated and respected by those around them. When you show those who work with you that you value their efforts, they’ll try harder to please you.


By definition, leadership includes responsibility. Take that responsibility seriously as you continue to learn how to motivate employees. Learn more by using these how to motivate employees scholarly articles.

If you provide caring and honest motivation to your team, you’ll watch your people blossom into a creative team that makes your company better as new ideas continue to enter the picture.

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