How to Hire Quality Staff for the Gym

Managing a gym is more than making sure the gym is filled with people. Of course, the ultimate goal is a high membership count and ensuring the club is a profitable business but it takes quality management to get there.

In order to manage a quality gym, hiring quality staff is essential.

Staffing can be one of the most difficult parts of managing any establishment but it is possible to put together an unstoppable team. Make sure you are hiring because the applicant is the right person for the job, not because you want to hurry and fill the position. Onboarding is costly and when the members see high turnover it can reflect poorly on the establishment. People may wonder what is wrong with the management or leadership at this club… why does nobody want to work here? But the reality of the matter is, the right people were not hired for the job.

Screen Resumes

Before calling applicants in for interviews, spend time screening their resumes. Avoid candidates with high turnover showing on their resumes. For example, if an individual worked 8 jobs in one year, chances are they will not stay with you longer than a few months. If you find an applicant that jumps jobs but you are still interested in interviewing them, it is okay to call them in but be sure to find out why they left their previous positions. It is also okay to conduct phone interviews before face-to-face interviews, it could potentially save your time and theirs.

Interviewing Applicants

This is the time you will be spending with the applicants, so do yourself a favor and make time for your interviews. Interviewing person after person can be draining and sometimes seem hopeless, but the right person is bound to find their way in front of you eventually, so be ready!

During the interviews, pay attention to their attitude and confidence. There may be instances where they are working alone in the club. Do they seem responsible and trustworthy?

Find out what influenced the applicant to apply to your gym. Be sure to provide them with a clear rundown of the job responsibilities and a day-to-day visual. Be honest about the job description and pay structure. They may decide it is not the job for them and this could save you time in the long run.

And sometimes you just have to follow your gut and intuition. If on paper they seem great but in person you know they are not the right fit, keep interviewing until you find the right person. You are managing the gym for a reason, you got this!

Once the right candidates are hired for the job, you can move along to managing your team and structuring your club. Remember that building a strong and solid team is the first step to a successful venture. For additional guidance do not hesitate to contact us!

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