Fitness Center Marketing: It’s New Year’s Resolution Time

We are in the middle of the holiday season. This is often not a particularly busy time for fitness centers with many members busy with holiday obligations. Right after this lull is New Year’s Resolution time, and the influx of new and inactive members means a jam-packed gym. The months of January, February and early March mean increased revenue for fitness center owners, but the question is often “How do I retain these new clients year-round?” By creating a fitness center marketing plan that addresses how to attract new members during the New Year’s Resolution season, than retain them when the excitement is over, you’ll maximize the revenue during not only those months, but all year-long!

Create A Campaign

Consumers are inundated with fitness advertisements in late December and early January. Decide what makes you different, and make that your focus. Are you a family fitness center? A boxing gym? A mind-body fitness center? Use what makes you unique to stand out. Create a campaign using traditional methods like mail, and incorporate a social media presence using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Decide on Membership Specials

Potential members will ask, “What kind of deal can you give me?” Before you discuss the price with potential clients discuss value. Lead with what you can offer them and how being a member at your facility will help them. When it’s time to talk numbers keep it simple. Have one special that is open to everyone, like one month free, or zero enrollment.

Programs and Incentives

Once you enroll a new member, the hard part begins! Most gyms offer free orientations, but non exercisers starting a new workout plan need more than that. Most people thrive when they feel like part of a community, so host events that will get them engaged. Have an open house where new members can bring guests to your center. Launch new classes and make each launch a celebration. Have charity events and challenges.


Many gym members report that they don’t feel like they receive the personal attention they need to be successful. How about a concierge service? Assign each new member to an employee who will act as a mentor. By addressing concerns as they come up, answering questions, and celebrating successes, this type of service helps to prevent members from falling through the cracks and ultimately cancelling.

Need more help planning for the New Year’s Resolution season? Please contact us today!

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