Digital Marketing for Fitness Centers

In the digital age, fitness centers can utilize online marketing to grow their business. Understanding social media and encouraging your members to interact with you both online and in person can help your gym stand out among the competition.

Here are 5 ideas for digital marketing for your fitness center:

1. Check-in

Encourage your customers to check-in on Facebook when they are at your place of business. You can offer promotions or freebies when they check-in. It will show up in their news feed and is a good way for them to share with their friends where they work out. You can offer a free training session, a free week or even a free smoothie if your fitness center offers those services.

2. Reviews

People love free stuff. Offer an incentive for customers that write a Google review. Companies with multiple Google reviews will come up in a search result more quickly than those with few reviews. It will help your business rank higher in local SEO and drive more business to your gym.

3. Answer questions online

Utilize your fitness center’s website by answering customer questions online. Anything from nutrition to fitness are good ways to engage your clients outside the gym. If they find themselves going to your site for information they find valuable, they will continue their loyalty to your gym.

4. Tweet it!

Just like Facebook, offering incentives for customers who tweet about your business is a great way to get the word out. The more free marketing you can encourage by your customers, the more quickly your business will grow. People are happy to promote a fitness center or gym they enjoy. If you add an incentive, your customers are even more likely to promote your gym.

5. Use social media to promote fitness challenges

If your fitness center has any avenue of social media, utilize them by providing fitness challenges, weight loss challenges or meal plans. Offering free information or exciting challenges will engage your clientele. Clients who are happy and feel as though they are valuable, are loyal to their preferred fitness center.

To find out more ways you can use digital marketing for your fitness center, please contact us.

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