Dear Club Owner,

Hello. My name is Jim Thomas. I have been teaching many of you how to consistently shorten the learning curve and improve bottom-line profitability

Yes, over the last 25 years I have taught 1,000’s of you how to survive in the fitness business.

How do you get more new members than you can handle? I certainly do not recommend that you do trial and error with expensive ads to get new members. That doesn’t work.

If it did, why are there so many miserable gym owners out there! Why would the average owner be brining home less than $100,000? And going to high priced seminars certainly doesn’t help you.

If you’re not making the kind of money you deserve, I can help you with your problem! In your heart you know you’ve got a good business. You’re working very hard to give your members the best service possible. And you feel you deserve to be making a very good living doing all of this. Right? Have you ever said the following to yourself or to your spouse?

“I am a really good business person. If only I could get more new members into my gym, things would be fine!”

Maybe you have. And it’s probably true. You see, unfortunately success does not necessarily depend on the type of equipment you have or on your location. You see…

Even the gym with the most state of the art equipment in the country would be dead broke without any members!

And to make matters worse, you can’t count on the just the members you have now. People leave your club for different reasons. You always need a supply of fresh, new members to make money. That’s the way this business is!

This will never change!

To make money in owning a gym, the most important knowledge you need is not about fitness itself. It’s about sales and marketing! You must know how to get new members and how to keep them happy. I know this probably bothers you but I’d like you to wake up and face reality. If you were to prioritize the knowledge you need to run a successful gym it must be:

1.Get a continuous flow of new members

2.Treat every one of your members like they’re the most precious thing you have

3. Keep as up to date as possible on the equipment you have and the services you offer

Or in other words…

Being a sales and marketing expert and a people expert are by far more important than having every piece of equipment on the market!

Now, please understand one thing, I firmly believe you need a start of the art fitness center. It is extremely important to give your members the best. After all, they deserve it.

But you must realize that it doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t have the members to come to your center!

Now, before I discuss how I can help you, I’d like to take a second to ask you a question:

Can you ever remember a time in this business when your frustration level was any higher?

Let’s be honest. Gyms are facing the most challenging times ever! The largest single factor which will be responsible for chipping away at your salary is customer uncertainty. Just do a local Google search, turn on your television, check out the apps on your phone or look at the flyers you get in the mail. The things many gyms are doing these days to get new members s crazy! There is a much better way. I have personally done it and I have taught 1.000’s of others how to do it as well!

You see, the only way to make real money in this business is to have a constant flow of new members!

So how do you get these people to sign up?

The fact is that most owners do not have a clue on how to do this! They’re giving away prizes. They’re mailing coupons.

They’re placing boring ads. They’re basically throwing many ideas against the wall and trying to see which ones stick! And they’re losing tons of cash while doing so! Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately they don’t have a clue about how to get new members to come in and join their club in these changing times!

But listen…

There is an unbelievable opportunity out there that most gyms will probably never discover.

And you will find out what this is within these pages!

If you want to get more new members, you need to know the answer, which is: Stop wasting your money with outdated sales and marketing techniques. It’s time to appeal to people’s emotions! It’s time to get people who are interest in joining a fitness center to call you.

It amazes me when I see what gyms try to do to get new members. Those cutesy ads and coupons by the so called “experts” do not work. Most mailings are not done properly and end up in the garbage can over 99% of the time.

These old tactics simply DO NOT work on a skeptical, fearful and ignorant public!

As a fitness center owner you are presently facing the toughest times you have ever seen! It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or if you’ve been at the same location for twenty years. You’re seeing a whole new ballgame unfold right before your very eyes!

You’re suffering through the most challenging times ever! Your income is most likely now what you expected at this time.

You need more members.

Not pleasant is it? Well, it’s reality. You must stop dreaming about how easy it was several short years ago! All you had to do was open up in a good location and you’d be flooded with new members. But, those days are over!

And it doesn’t matter how busy you were a few years ago, or that you had a record month last year. You must think about TODAY! The fact that last year was good is not going to pay your bills today!

You can talk all you want about how having great equipment should be enough to allow you to make a great living.

You can talk all you want about how a beautiful state of the art fitness center is all you need. Sure, you can talk about that but deep inside we both know it’s meaningless. You and I know that you must have a steady flow of members joining your club. And they must be willing and able to pay your membership fees each and every month!

There Must Be A Better Way!

Wouldn’t it be great? To have interested, informed prospective members come to see YOU! People that actually want to join your center!

You’ve Got to Have a “Conveyor Belt” Bringing You New Members Each and Every Day!

Listen. Maybe you’re getting an occasional referral or getting a few people stopping in here and there from your ads or mailings. You may think that’s OK. But the bottom line is you cannot build or maintain a successful gym that way.

You need to have steady stream of new members signing up each and every day! Your front desk should be struggling to keep up with all of the calls and new members! Who knows, maybe you’d even have to hire an extra person!

Have you ever felt frustrated and rejected when a member does not stay on for more than a few months? I’m sure you have. The main reason is because you have such a limited supply of members, it’s important to get every last one of them to stay on as long as possible. After all, you need these members to stay with you as long as possible so you can pay your staff, your bills and YOURSELF!

But here’s what I found out:

Getting new members these days requires a brand new set of sales and marketing skills you’ll NEVER get from the “usual” sources!

Now I realize this “conveyor belt” of new members may not sound realistic to you. You may not think it’s possible.

Or you might be thinking all your waking hours will be devoted entirely to focusing yourself on strangers and begging existing members to send in their friend and family.

Why? Because you’ve always been told that’s how to get new members. But that’s not the way I teach.

Actually, let me fill you in on a little secret:

Gym owners are extremely uncomfortable looking for new members!

That’s right! Many feel it’s beneath them. Others are lazy. Others don’t know how to do it! Most owners are competent and can take good care of their present members, but most are terrible at actually getting new ones.

I also know that most gym owner’s greatest desire is to have new members somehow “magically appear.” Sure, they want to market and have it work, but most fail at it! I discovered some secrets that others simply don’t know and I have made these secrets pay off in a very big way…

Unlimited New Members!

Now, since you’ve read this far, you must be at least halfway interested in what I have to say. You’re probably wondering if there really is a solution to the real problem of getting new members.

Well guess what? There is a very real answer!

But you cannot get this answer from the back of the trade journals. You cannot get the answer from the know-it-all salesperson. You cannot get the answers from your accountant. And NO, you CANNOT get the answers from your spouse or partner!

You cannot get this answer from any traditional source because the technique that I each is non-traditional. But one thing – IT WORKS!!

My technique gets good new members to come in and join your gym!

I have figured out what makes someone come in and sign up. I know exactly how to push people’s hot buttons!

I’ll show you a system for getting new members that works.

You will find out how to have a steady stream of new members coming in to join your club, that when one doesn’t follow through, it won’t even bother you!

You see, if you do not have an abundance of members, every time a member leaves your center, it affects you in a big way. But if you have many members, do you think it would really bother you if occasionally one doesn’t like your gym? I don’t think so!

And when you learn how to I do it, you will get practically as many new members as you want.

And you’ll get to pick your members instead of them picking you!

Now, listen. I’m not claiming this is perfect. I’d be lying if I told it is. Nothing is perfect. But I will tell you I have developed the most effective, new member program ever available to fitness centers.

What most owners do not understand is that the old fashioned sales and marketing approach just doesn’t work anymore. It’s much easier to get new members in the “old days” before the current situation messed things up!

But what most owners don’t understand is that there is a certain group of people that are actually looking for a gym. I can tell you EXACTLY how to reach them! I will tell you EXACTLY what to say to them once you reach them. It’s that simple!

Now I don’t want you to think once you get started you are going to have people lined up for blocks banging you door down and fighting to get a membership. That is not going to happen. Remember, I said you’ll have a “steady stream” of new members! Often times that “stream” will be more powerful than the Amazon River! Other times it will even out and be more like a stream. But it will never dry up!

You will have to work at this. My system is all set up and ready to be implemented. You will be able to start it just a short time after becoming a client. It is very simple. But it still takes some work!

You might be wondering if my sales and marketing system will work anywhere on planet earth. The answer is an emphatic YES! Why? Because people are people; It doesn’t matter where you’re living.

Our method will attract so much interest and curiosity; people will want to join your gym!

Why don’t traditional methods work anymore? Well, here’s the reason. Think about it. The experts teach “image” marketing. They want you to tell your prospective members how great your center is, or how you’ve got the best equipment, or how long you’ve been there. And so on and so on.

Do you want to know something? Believe it or not, your prospective members couldn’t care less about you or your “image.” They care about their needs and nothing more!

And no one responds to sales and marketing that is BOOOOORING! And that’s exactly what 99% of the sales and marketing programs are.


But listen and listen close. If you get people curious and get them thinking about their immediate concerns and hit the proper “hot buttons,”

They Will Come In!

And They Will Join Your Club!

And I will show you every step of the way exactly how to do it!

So hopefully you understand why most sales and marketing systems today simply don’t work. Now let me reveal the most important sales and marketing concept you will ever learn. Read the next line, tuck it away somewhere and NEVER forget it!

People Make Decisions Based on “Feelings” And Not Based On Logic!

Think about this for a second. When a new member signs ups, do you think it’s because you have the largest or fanciest gym in town? Do you think it’s because of your fancy logo? Do you think it’s because of your juice bar? No! A member will do what you say because:

They Trust You Completely!

And how did you get this trust? They developed this trust based on a gut level instinct! Something you did appealed to their emotions and they chose your club to be their gym.

What is it that you did? You may not even know. But it’s nothing logical. It’s emotional. Remember:

Everyone Responds to Emotions!

So with this knowledge I have developed the most comprehensive program available for bringing new members to your center. And it’s not based on you telling how great you or your health club is. It’s based on reaching into a prospect’s heart and making them choose YOU!

Think about this. If the old type of sales and marketing for getting members is so useless, don’t you think the same mentality will also fail when you are trying to keep a member in your club? Most health clubs use the same useless techniques when trying to “beg” for referrals.

Does this sound like a great way to make a living?

I don’t think so!

I have developed an entirely different approach to sales and marketing. I can help you find people who are interested in joining your gym!

I have shown 1,000’s of people all over planet earth how to get an endless supply of new quality members without having to resort to the outlandish, out of date sales and marketing techniques that do not work!

I see many gym owners out there getting very aggravated. Even formerly successful owners are getting worried

Professionals are doing things quite different than everyone else! Very different! What do these professional sales and marketers know that we didn’t?

They Know Exactly How to Appeal to People’s Feelings Stimulate Curiosity, And GET SALES!

There is a whole different world of sales and marketing out there. These sales and marketing professionals are quietly making tons and tons of money because they know how to activate people’s “hot buttons.”

So now, I am offering gym owners a chance to use the exact same sales and marketing system that has made 1,000’s of gym owners owners a tremendous amount of money!

Listen to my training programs and implement just like we lay it out!

If you follow the program exactly how it’s presented, I don’t see how you can miss!

Also, I am committed to making sure you’re successful with my program. After all, it has worked so well for others; I would be foolish not to do whatever I can to make it work for you. I certainly want you to be happy and continue with the program month after month.

For that reason, we will offer unlimited support whenever you need it. Should you ever have any questions about anything you’re doing, I am just an email away at jthomas@fmconsulting.net.

So please, for the success of your business, go to fmconsulting.net/contact!

Hope to see you there soon!



P.S. If you are serious about making money and improving your business, please do not put off this golden opportunity. I have helped 1,000’s of gyms increase their revenues dramatically. At this point you could do one of two things. You could say to yourself “this sounds like a pretty good idea but _________________” (fill, in the blank with an excuse why it won’t work for you). Sure, it’s real easy to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t try something new. Or maybe you’re just content where you are now. But if you are sick and tired of having only an “average” income, now is the time to do something about it! As I said, this system has helped gym owners make more money that anything else. And now I’m offering this entire system for you to do the same! Don’t miss out! Join now!

Join today and get the edge on your competition!

An Outsourced CEO, Jim Thomas is the founder and president of Fitness Management USA Inc., a management consulting, turnaround and brokerage firm specializing in the gym and sports industry. With more than 25 years of experience owning, operating and managing clubs of all sizes, Thomas lectures and delivers seminars, webinars and workshops across the globe on the practical skills required to successfully to overcome obscurity, improve sales, build teamwork and market fitness programs and products. In addition, his company will buy gym equipment from gyms liquidating or closing. Visit his Web site at:www.fmconsulting.net or www.youtube.com/gymconsultant.

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