How to Market Your Fitness Center to Moms

If you want your gym to be a true success, it is a good idea to target all types of people. Although you might already be promoting your gym to people who are looking to lose weight or bodybuilders, there is one segment that you might not be focusing your fitness center marketing on: moms.

However, moms of all ages, shapes and sizes can all benefit from joining a gym. Burning off the baby weight, toning up stomach muscles after pregnancy and simply taking some “me” time and releasing stress can all be positive things for moms. These are a few ways that you can market your gym to this market.

Offer Child Care Services

One great way to market your gym to the moms in your area is to offer child care services. Although this will obviously require an investment in child care workers and a small daycare facility within your gym, you might be surprised by the huge turnout that you will bring in if you take this step. Stay-at-home moms who are looking to get out of the house, busy parents who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to go to the gym and those who would like a little bit of time for themselves are all sure to flock to your gym to take advantage of this opportunity.

Advertise Where They Will Find You

Think of places where you will find moms, and aggressively market your gym in these places. Schools and daycare centers often have bulletin boards that are read by parents. Pinterest and online mom’s groups can also be great places to advertise.

Promoting your gym to mothers in your area can be a great advertising strategy. For help with this and with marketing your gym in other ways, contact us today.

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