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Have you ever considered how businesses can afford to hold contests that offer the chance to win a Million Dollars or a BIG MONEY Prize? Prize insurance is part of many companies’ promotions that you see online, on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, and at live events (just like the event you can plan for your own fitness club). These promotions generate excitement for your club and give your members a chance to win big – and when there is a winner, Fitness Management & Consulting’s prize insurance protects your finances from having to pay the winner out of your own pocket. In other words, when the ball goes in the hole you don’t!!!


This specialized risk protection is very similar to the insurance you buy for a car or home that protects from large expenses incurred from an accident. Prize insurance covers your promotion against the liabilities of giving away large valued prize amounts. The cost for prize insurance is minimal – a fraction of the prize value – and it’s based on factors such as the number of chances given to win and the value of the prize itself.

You can take advantage of this unique promotional boost. Imagine your members’ fantastic impression of your fitness club as you give away prize awards worth $10,000, $100,000, even $1,000,000.  Fitness Management & Consulting will help assume the risk so you can deliver a huge incentive at a fixed cost that will never blow your budget.

Everyone enjoys winning something, crowds enjoy watching others win, and everyone remembers who sponsored the big prize. Prize insurance brings the possibility of delivering a huge prize or incentive to truly set your club apart from the rest.  When promoted with enthusiasm, large awards are proven to increase registrations of online users, traffic in clubs, and sales at any given time. Talk it up!

Here are some ideas for your next big event.  Call us at 800-929-2898 and let’s start planning!

The Excitement Starts Here!

Fitness Management & Consulting, in conjunction with Lloyd’s of London, is pleased to announce the creation of a unique prize – an insurance offering that is sure to meet the needs of today’s marketplace. We offer the perfect combination of simplicity and high value.

For a decade, sports teams across the country have utilized prize insurance to help increase revenues and generate participation. Now you can take advantage of this unique promotional event. For prize awards worth $10,000, $100,000, and even $1,000,000, Fitness Management & Consulting assumes the risk; you don’t have to! For a minimal investment, you receive a maximum return, Satifaction Guaranteed!

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, we offer you complete customer service, marketing services, and consulting.

Get on board with the most cost-effective marketing tool you’ll ever use to generate leads, referrals, and increase sales.


Determine what you want the promotion to accomplish. Would you like to increase referrals, cash sales, EFT sales, closing percentage, etc.? Perhaps you would like to influence ALL areas of your club.

The following is a proven method of promotion:

  • Sponsor a new member and receive 10 tickets
  • Give 5 referral names and phone numbers and receive 10 tickets
  • Pay your membership in full and receive 10 tickets
  • Join today and receive 10 tickets
  • Join on a monthly dues membership and receive 10 tickets

All tickets would be placed in a “tumbler.” The only limitation in offering tickets is your imagination.

Tickets would be given out during the entire promotional period (30-60 days)


On the final day of your promotion, offer additional opportunities to receive tickets. For example:

  • Bring a guest to Member Appreciation Day and receive 10 tickets
  • Sponsor a new member on Member Appreciation Day and receive 10 tickets
  • Join on Member Appreciation Day and receive 10 tickets

Once you complete all opportunities for members to receive tickets, conduct a drawing. All names pulled would have a chance to win (only one attempt per person).

All of the selected participants would attempt a 4-putt combo. By successfully sinking 4 putts of varying distance, they would win the prize (the number of potential winners would equal the number of participants).


The fee is determined by the following:

  • Number of participants
  • Value of the prize
  • Degree of difficulty of your event.


To maximize your promotional event, we suggest you go into your community and find sponsors. For example, if you are giving your members a chance to win a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle, you might want to go to your local Harley Davidson dealership and see if they would be interested in sponsoring your event. You can do the same with car dealerships, banks, etc. In addition, you might have smaller sponsors instead of one big sponsor. In any case, this would be a win-win situation for all concerned.

Of course, your sponsorship money would pay for your prize guaranty program. You could also choose to be the title sponsor yourself without any outside participation.


The entire event must be video-taped for accuracy. When somone successfully completes the 4-putt combo, send the video tape along with the name and address of 2 non-participating witnesses to Fitness Management & Consulting.

Other rules and regulations will apply.

E-Mail Fitness Management & Consulting to set up your prize event.


  • Expertise: Over a decade of experience in the business
  • Service: We can quote, bind, and issue coverage quickly. Our reputation for fast-claims processing is respected throughout the industry
  • Security: All of our underwriters are among the highest rated in the industry
  • Access: We work closely with clients, agents, and brokers internationally
  • Flexibilty: We have proven products and can help you to develop new programs
  • Commitment: We are a long-term player and we ensure your success
  • Diversity: We offer a full range of products to meet your every need
  • Capacity: Worldwide coverage with aggregate limits among the highest in the industry


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I contacted Jim Thomas and Fitness Management & Consulting around November 2010. We made arrangement for him to come out and do the two day sales training. I was a little skeptical at what difference could be made in two days of sales training. However I put that aside and embraced his teaching and philosophy and what a difference it has made. Our previous best month prior to Jim coming out was 31 signs. He came out toward the end of December and when he left we had one week remaining, we signed 18 people in that final week, more than any single week we had prior. The following month we signed 66 people, which at a high price point facility isn't too bad considering where we were. After that first full month it was off to the races. We then retained Jim for the ongoing three times a month teleconferences and webinars and have been doing so for the past year. We have more than doubled out membership basis and more than doubled our membership dues. One of the most important things he gave us was correct mind set for sales and set the bar where it should be. Prior to Jim we thought that 31 was a really good month now we know our goals should be 150-200 in a month and he has given us the tools to do so. One of the best things in dealing with Jim on an ongoing basis is that he really seems to genuine care about you and your companies success. He always makes himself available to answer questions and doing one on one training with employees who need it even when it does not fall within the normal scheduled teleconferences. I really can't say enough about how great it has been to work with Jim and how much he has help our business grow. I have recommended him to people who ran even in the fitness industry because well sales are sales. If you own a fitness club I can't imagine why you would have him out to at least do the two day training it is well worth every penny, you WILL make back every dollar and then some faster than you can imagine.

Matthew T.


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