Because we practice physical fitness in our lifestyle and have specialized in this growing industry, we understand how to provide broad-form insurance coverage for health clubs and fitness centers across the United States.
Key Benefits General Liability • Comprehensive General Liability – limits to $1M each occurrence/$3M aggregate • Special Events coverage outside the club is included for the entity and professional instructors or consultants • Personal Injury Liability • Coverage extended to contracted professionals for additional premium • Employee Benefits Liability • Coverage for tanning available • Liquor Liability coverage available • Abuse or Molestation coverage available Professional Liability • Health and Fitness Professional Liability coverage form – limits available up to $1M per professional incident and $3M aggregate • Coverage extended to entity and employed professionals including lifeguards, racket sports instructors, aerobic and fitness instructors Property • Blanket limits with large in-house capacity • Special Causes of Loss coverage on buildings, contents, business income, and extra expense • Coverage extended to include property of customers in your care, custody, or control – $10,000 • Coverage for outdoor pools and court surfaces • Spoilage – $25,000 • Signs (attached or unattached) – $25,000 • Precious metals, including trophies – $5,000 • Business income and extra expense – $100,000 Umbrella/Excess Liability • Large Excess Limits available Automobile • Owned/non-owned/hired auto • Hired car physical damage • Rental Reimbursement for private passenger vehicles Crime and Fidelity • Theft, Disappearance, and Destruction – $10,000 • Forgery or Alteration/Employee Dishonesty Bell Endorsement – Includes $50,000 limits each for Business Travel Accident Benefit, Donation Assurance, Emergency Real Estate Consulting Fee, Identity Theft Expense, Image Restoration and Counseling, Key Individual Replacement Expenses, Kidnap Expense, Terrorism Travel Reimbursement, and Workplace Violence Counseling. $25,000 limits for each Conference Cancellation, Fundraising Event Blackout, Political Unrest ($5,000 per employee), Temporary Meeting Space Reimbursement, and $1,500 Travel Delay Reimbursement Crisis Management Enhancement Endorsement $25,000 limit for crisis management emergency response expenses incurred because of an incident giving rise to a “crisis” or call/text 214-629-7223
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