Discover the Value of Gym Sales Training

You would likely rather have your team speaking to potential customers that sitting through a gym sales training session. However, not every person has a “sales personality” that will allow them to smoothly and effectively deal with potential customers. For many, it is a skill developed only with time and practice. Your gym sales team not only needs to sell your services and products, but also overcome economic forces, market conditions, and the competition. Gym sales training will help your team succeed and increase confidence.

The Value of Gym Sales Training

1. Improved Communication – Many gym salespeople love talking to people. However, that does not mean they have the well-developed communication skills needed to close the sale. Effective gym sales require active listening, and the ability to truly understand the desires and goals of a potential customer. If you ask the right questions, you will receive the information you need to provide customers with the solutions they want.

2. Sales Methodology – Gym sales training can teach your team the proven and successful step-by-step methods of winning. Rather than just improvising, your staff will stay on track with a presentation. Moreover, gym sales training will teach multiple closing strategies and techniques. Your team member should know how to read a consumer’s signals, and almost instinctively know when a person is ready to buy.

3. Product Knowledge – Whether it is gym memberships, personal training sessions, or fitness classes, your team must know your own products and what is offered by your competitors. A gym sales training program is an opportunity to educate your staff. The information must provide complete details, in an explicit and straightforward manner. This is the only way to properly represent your organization.

4. Aligning Solutions to Customer Needs – Identifying a potential customer’s needs and goals, and then providing solutions that properly fit, is the foundation of all sales within all industries. What does this person want to get out of their gym membership? What type of membership, personal training, and classes will help them reach their specific goals?

5. Overcoming Objections – This is the name of the game, and overcoming objections are a fundamental part of the sales process. A poorly trained team member may start agreeing with an objection and stop selling. They must learn to expect and anticipate objections and have the techniques to overcome them. Gym sales training will work and develop these skills.

6. Ensure Ethics – Your sales team is under a lot of pressure to perform and meet their goals. The stress can cause some employees to take risks that could compromise your gym’s reputation, values, and ethics. Gym sales training will help your staff understand the importance of ethical behavior and ensure that they will follow your values and protect your reputation.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the value of gym sales training, or a related topic, please contact us.

5 Free and Inexpensive Fitness Center Marketing Ideas

In today’s world, fitness center owners need all the help they can get to break through the noise and get noticed. Don’t you agree? Fitness center marketing is key. But, what is the best approach? For many, the first thought is expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. While this is often a good investment, things can start to get a little pricey. Therefore, it is a good idea to balance out your efforts by incorporating effective strategies that are inexpensive or even free.

If you have a limited marketing budget, you have nothing to worry about. There are many fitness marketing strategies that will not break the bank. Today’s article lists five strategies that will help you stretch a dollar.

Fitness Center Marketing Ideas

1. Increase Visibility – Joining the local business association is a great way to increase your visibility and name recognition. Also, consider donating time to large local charities and fundraising events. You will be surprised how much attention this will attract.

2. Public Relations – Reaching out to journalists is one of the oldest tricks in the book. That said, the demands for local columnists to produce new, fresh content has never been higher. Pick a great human interest story and spin your business activity.

3. Become a Social Networker – Fitness centers are ideal for social media marketing. Users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram love fitness pictures, videos, tips, and advice. You can start with a do-it-yourself approach, and then upgrade to professional SMM as you grow.

4. Reward Customers – A referral program is a great way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Offer incentives for referrals. This can be things like a discount, free promotional items, or sweepstakes entries.

5. Meet-up Events – There are many small groups in your community looking for a venue to hold meet-ups. It could be anything from a book club to a support group. Providing a free space is a great way to get new people in the door.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about free and inexpensive fitness center marketing ideas, or related topics, please contact us.

The Biggest Mistakes New Gym Startups Must Avoid

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only about half of all businesses survive 5 years. However, a new gym startup is tougher than many other ventures. Moreover, the increasing popularity of the “warehouse gym” is a double-edged sword. One one hand, entrepreneurs will need less startup capital to enter the market. On the other, it means that competition is stiff.

Overall, relatively few barriers to entry is a good thing for the fitness industry. Nevertheless, it has created a massive number of new gym owners who are unprepared. As a result, these owners end up not spending enough time actually growing their business. Today’s article will address some of the biggest mistakes new gym startups must avoid.

New Gym Startup Mistakes

1. Too Much Time on the Floor – Many new gym startups are owned by people who have never owned a business in the past. They don’t really know what they should be doing, and spend way too much time training clients or acting as a supervisor. Instead, you should spend most of your time marketing. If you don’t attract members, you are not going to be in business very long.

2. Not Knowing the Competition – Is there a budget gym near you? I’m sure you know the type. It is that $10 or $20 per month gym, with no contracts. While this type of gym does not include the expertise found at yours, it is likely larger and has more equipment. In order to have a successful business, you must understand market demand. That said, people buy value and will spend more for better quality and customer service.

3. Not Creating a Gym for “Normal” People – Many new gym startup owners create the gym that they fantasized about as a trainer, powerlifter, bodybuilder, or other fitness professional. In spite of that, there is a ton of people who just want to lose a few pounds. Your idea of the ideal gym is nothing close to what they are looking for or need.

4. A Bad Location – Success will rely on location, location, location. There are many factors to consider when selecting a location, from traffic flow to planned local development. Be that as it may, having a “hidden gym” does have some marketable advantages and could save you on the rent. It is important not to rush into a decision and consider the positives and negatives of a location.

5. Not Developing Super Fans – Every new gym startup needs to find a way to get more leads and sell more memberships. It is reasonable to want more people walking in the door. Still, the most important thing is providing an unmatched experience and incredible results. When you do this, you create super fans that just can’t help themselves and will talk about your gym every chance they get.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the mistakes new gym startups must avoid, or related topics, please contact us.

Promotions to Increase Your Fitness Club Sales and Memberships

If you have discovered this blog entry, you are likely a fitness club owner or manager seeking to boost sales and memberships. There is no shortage of online articles with marketing advice. Regardless, many times, it is not an issue of you not doing the right things, it is that you could be doing them better. You just really need to tweak your current processes.

Today’s article provides some proven ideas to improve your sales and membership numbers. An increased membership then means increased sales for the juice bar, personal training, and anything else you are selling at your fitness club.

1. Niche Marketing – In business, there is a concept called the vital few. This is the roughly 20 percent of customers who are responsible for 80 percent of your sales. The idea with niche marketing is identifying the wants and needs of your vital few, and creating marketing material that will appeal to people like them. You will likely have several well-defined groups.

2. Offer More Classes – How many classes is your fitness club offering? One of the biggest complaints by clients is that their fitness club is not offering a large variety of classes. You need to keep your clients motivated. One good way to do that is by providing classes for the types of clients that you are losing.

3. Hire Trainers Who Care – Consumers perceive value based on three things: customer service, quality, and price. Most people are willing to pay more if they are receiving good customer service and have access to quality facilities and equipment. It does not matter if you have the fittest trainers in the area if they are not customer oriented.

4. Have a “Bring Your Friend” Program – Word-of-mouth and referral marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales and memberships. Your core clients have likely been coming to your fitness club for years. When they refer someone, give them a free month or a free class. You will make much more than it costs.

5. Free Memberships – Many fitness clubs offer discount memberships to get clients to sign up initially. However, once you offer a discount, it is very difficult to get that person to ever pay full price. A better option is a free week pass. This gives a prospect the opportunity to try your fitness club without you adding a lower price into your system.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about promotions to increase you fitness club sales and memberships, or a related topic, please contact us.

Managing a gym means keeping your members happy

Are you lacking creative ideas to boost not only the sales at your facility, but also the mood of your membership? Your members are one of your best sales vehicles, so draw out their opinions to get a sense of how they feel about their experience. You can transform the atmosphere of your facility in no time with these three ideas:

  1. While a gym is where people go to exercise and burn off calories, don’t be afraid to offer them samples of products you sell that can help fuel their workouts. Place a table with samples of energy bars and ask them which one they like best! Do the same with small cups of your featured energy drinks and have a sale going on that day for the same beverage. Giving your exercising clientele a small treat can go a long way in improving their mood and boosting your sales at the same time.
  2. What about including a comment box in the locker rooms of your gym? Members often have their longest conversations while they change before or after a workout, so they’re probably talking about what they did or didn’t like about their experience that day. Having an old-fashioned suggestion box is a simple, low-cost way to not only remind your members that you care about their experience, but also to gather suggestions which they may not feel comfortable voicing to someone.
  3. Lastly, when was the last time you polled your members on their music preference? Now I know that most people choose to work out with earbuds, but when they enter and leave the gym or catch up with a friend in between reps, they’re listening – and music is the biggest mood booster of all. Even a simple survey handed out at as people come in could give you an idea of their favorite kind of tunes. Be sure that if your employees are playing DJ, your paying members are happy with the selection!

For more information on improving your fitness club, contact us at Fitness Management & Consulting.

Inspire Your Members with New Group Fitness Classes

Are you looking to refresh your fitness class schedule for 2017? Adding new group fitness classes is a great way to inspire your members to get to the gym more often. Here are just a  few classes that are making waves this year.

Fitness set to heart pumping music is always a hit, and Pound offers just that. Each class is a fusion of cardio, dance, pilates, plyometrics, and isometric movements performed with lightly weighted sticks called “ripstix”. Your members will get a terrific workout and have a blast!

Bring out the competitive spirit in your members with Team-based classes. You can make it old school by offering a school yard games themed class where participants play tag, flag football, dodgeball, and other favorite games from childhood. You can also have treadmill races, or spin competitions where the team with the highest output wins.

Many people have always wanted to try dance themed classes, but feel like they have two left feet and will look silly. That’s not a problem with Groove. Participants are inspired to take each movement presented by the instructor and make it their own. Since no one will be doing the same thing, no one will feel like they stand out.

Animal Flow is an adventurous class that taps into the primal shapes found in the animal kingdom. This functional bodyweight class fuses the principles of gymnastics, parkour, capoeira and more to recreate the movements of a variety of animals.

Not sure if any of these classes will work in your facility? Try offering a demo, or a series of trial classes to get a sense of the level of interest from your members.

Are you looking for more ways to inspire your members to reach their health and fitness goals? Please contact us today!

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