Health Club, Fitness Center and Gym for Sale Broker

A health club broker is a professional business intermediary brokerage organization specializing in Health Clubs for sale. They perform business evaluations, Mergers and Acquisitions serving Texas, and represent clients on a nationwide basis in both the small closely held business up through the large private and corporate holdings. Email us today with details on your club. When is it Time to Sell? Owner’s of Health Clubs all reach a point in the history of their enterprise when it is time to “hang it up.” Many factors will tell you when it is time: Owner’s “burn out” Owner’s or key employee’s health problems Business relocation or rerouting of expressways Lease expires and you do not want to renew for another term Changing technology Get estate in order Not interested in investing long-term capital Children do not want to enter family business Under-capitalized Largest accounts in financial difficulty Bank unwilling to renew credit lines Supplier…
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