About Money Muscle:

Ashley Shepherd is a Certified Public Accountant turned entrepreneur who focuses on helping gym owners, personal trainers, and other health and fitness professionals get total control of their accounting in order to maximize deductions, reduce taxes, and keep more cash in their pockets. 

Prior to the founding of Money Muscle, Ashley (aka, The Fit CPA) experienced every possible avenue of accounting including public accounting, governmental, Corporate America, and even small business. In addition, she freelanced on the side to help business owners in different industries with their accounting and taxes. 

Her desire to be an entrepreneur started to kick in after being completely transformed by her personal health and fitness journey. Today she works with health and fitness business owners to solve problems through maximizing deductions and implementing tax-reducing strategies. Her ultimate goal is to help 10,000 people improve their financial situation and knowledge. 
Core Services: 
Tax Planning
Our primary service, takes a look at your entire business and personal financial situation and analyzes what can be done to save money on taxes during the current year, future years, and possible prior years. A few things that are considered include:

-Maximizing deductions 
-Retirement Planning
-Loopholes to take advantage of
-Entity Restructuring
-Income Shifting
…and many more!

Tax Plan Implementation:
We are happy to assist our clients with carrying out and implementing the strategies that are discovered and recommended from the Tax Plan. This could include things such as, restructuring the business, correcting the accounting files, transitioning from one payroll provider to another, and providing support in how to properly document and record special strategies and expenses.
Tax Preparation:
We offer tax preparation services for any business owner, regardless of how the entity is structured. During the tax preparation stage, we have a very structured process than ensures that everything gets accounted for in a way that eliminates the stress from our clients – we ask important questions that can impact your taxes, provide you with a list of items needed, answer any questions you may have, and file and pay any taxes on your behalf – all electronically.
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