How to Save Money on Commercial Gym Insurance

Whether you own a big box gym, boutique facility, or a corporate facility you have insurance on your business and property. Like other business owners, you are feeling a squeeze and looking to reduce costs and we are often asked, “How can my businesses save some money without giving up anything?” Get a Quote. Unfortunately, while not an easy answer, there are steps a gym business owner can take to try and reduce their commercial insurance costs. Typically, General Liability rates have been ticking up. That doesn’t stop a smart owner from partnering with a good licensed commercial insurance agent to find ways to save some money. How Do I Start Saving on Commercial Insurance The first step is to examine if you may be able to eliminate double coverage. While we generally advise our clients to get the maximum coverage available, make sure your general liability coverage doesn’t offer product liability coverage while you are carrying a separate policy for product liability …
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Top Financing Options for your Gym Business

Finding financing for a gym business is always a challenge. In our report, we will show you proven methods for success along with some creative ideas.

$100 Million dollars of funding approved annually (680+ credit score and 50K in income required).

82% of gym businesses that fail do so because of lack of funding. Qualify for up to $300,000 today — → Click here.

Apply for Gym Business Funding Up To $250,000 in Unsecured Lines of Credit — → Click here.

Are you seeking financing to open a new gym or expand your current gym business and wondering where to turn to for funding? As a gym owner, you now have more financing options than ever before — thanks to a number of creative web-based businesses offering new alternatives such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lendin…

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The Gym Funding Playbook

Term loan 

Similar to traditional bank style financing. A Term Loan is a set amount that a borrower pays back at a fixed amount. The common uses for these types of loans are business expansion, working capital and equipment purchases.

Benefits of a Term loan 

Interest on loan is tax deductible No prepayment penalties Lower cost options Stable daily, weekly monthly payments Reported to the credit bureaus which can improve credit Flexible options


6+ Months Time in Business

$120,000 Annual Gross Sales

No Minimum FICO

Loan Amounts: $10,000 - $5 Million

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Tips On How You Can Grow A Gym Business & Secure Business Financing

Accessing sufficient capital is difficult for independent gym businesses because traditional lenders like banks consider them risky ventures.

Raising small business capital is also a drawn-out process, especially with poor credit. While many gym business loans do not have a minimum credit score, most lenders work with a range they consider acceptable for their small business loan requirements.

So, how do you navigate the financial world and figure out how to grow your small business and secure gym business financing?

How To Select the Right Funding for Your Gym Business

There are plenty of business loans available, but you should know how to get the best rates on financing to grow your small business.

You need to unde…

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Gym Financing: Qualify for up to $300,000 today

Million dollars of funding $100 approved annually 82% of businesses that fail do so because of lack of funding. FUNDING PROGRAMS Term Loans Business Credit Card Program Personal Credit Card Program TERM LOAN PROGRAM Rates range from 5.49%-14.99% No minimum length of time in business Fixed monthly payment No upfront fees Full liquidity Immediately Funding in 7-15 business days REQUIREMENTS 680+ Personal Credit scores in all 3 bureaus 2 years personal tax returns showing $50,000 or more of taxable income BUSINESS CREDIT CARD PROGRAM 0% Interest for 6-12 months No minimum length of time in business Stated income No upfront fees Reports only to the business REQUIREMENTS 680+ Personal Credit Scores on all 3 bureaus -Established Business Entity PERSONAL CREDIT CARDS Build Credit with National Lenders. “A” tier Access to additional working capital Become eligible for future funding options Maximize amount of funding received REQUIREMENTS 680+ Persona…
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