American Fitness Associates Health Clubs Recommendation

David Nahama
32 Valley View Street West
Morristown, NJ 07960
April 14, 2014

Dear sir/madam:

If you’re looking to sell your business or purchase an existing one, there’s no better person than Thomas Wynn at Wynn Realty. Thanks to Thomas Wynn I was able to sell my business. Mr. Wynn is an exceptional individual with superior skills and knowledge.

I have personally been involved in the health club business for over thirty five years and have met many professionals in this industry; Thomas Wynn is at the top of the list. What I find most amazing is that I originally commissioned brokers in my area; yet, Mr. Wynn was alongside me to assist and guide me through the whole process even though he was located in Dallas. Mr. Wynn is available day and night to guide me and lend me his expert advice.

Because of Mr. Wynn’s good judgment and proven work habits, I would highly recommend Thomas Wynn and Wynn Realty.


David Nahama
American Fitness Associates Health Clubs

By fitmanagement

Health Club Consultant