The Importance of Shopping the Competition and Your Own Facility

As an independent gym owner, studio owner, personal trainer, or gym entrepreneur, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One of the most effective ways to do this is by shopping the competition and your own facility. This practice offers valuable insights that can help you improve your services, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your business performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on a detailed shopping competition evaluation framework.

Why Shop the Competition?

  1. Understanding Market Standards:
    • Pricing and Membership Options: Knowing how much competitors charge and the variety of membership options they offer helps you position your pricing strategy effectively. This insight can also help you identify gaps in the market that you can exploit by offering unique membership packages.
    • Customer Service: Evaluating how competitors handle customer inquiries, both over the phone and in person, provides benchmarks for your own customer service standards.
  2. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses:
    • Facility Appearance and Cleanliness: By visiting other gyms, you can assess the quality and upkeep of their facilities. This includes exterior visibility, signage, interior cleanliness, and equipment maintenance. Observing these factors helps you understand what standards you need to meet or exceed.
    • Staff Interaction: The friendliness, professionalism, and engagement level of staff at other gyms can highlight areas where your team excels or needs improvement.
  3. Service and Experience:
    • Tour Experience: Assessing how competitors conduct tours—whether they are informative, engaging, and personalized—can help you refine your own tour process. Are they addressing specific needs and educating potential members about how they can achieve their goals?
    • Sales Process: Understanding how competitors handle objections, present pricing, and attempt to close sales can inform your sales strategies. For example, do they offer free trials or special promotions that you might consider adopting?

Why Shop Your Own Facility?

  1. Ensuring Consistency and Quality:
    • Objective Evaluation: Shopping your own facility allows you to experience your business from a customer’s perspective. This can reveal inconsistencies or areas needing improvement that you might overlook in daily operations.
    • Benchmarking Performance: Regular internal evaluations help ensure that your facility consistently meets the high standards you aim to achieve. This includes checking the friendliness of staff, cleanliness of the facility, and overall customer experience.
  2. Continuous Improvement:
    • Staff Training: Identifying areas where staff performance falls short allows for targeted training and development. This can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
    • Facility Upkeep: Regularly assessing the condition of your equipment and cleanliness ensures a safe and appealing environment for your members.
  3. Customer Retention and Satisfaction:
    • Personalized Service: By understanding how well your staff engages with members and potential members, you can tailor your services to better meet their needs. This personalized approach can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Feedback Loop: Use the insights gained from these evaluations to implement changes and then reassess to ensure those changes have the desired effect. This creates a continuous improvement loop that keeps your facility at the top of its game.

Implementing a Shopping Competition

Use the provided framework to conduct thorough evaluations:

  • Telephone Inquiry: Call your own facility and competitors, asking about membership costs. Rate the responses based on friendliness, engagement, and the overall quality of the interaction.
  • Club Tour: Visit the facilities, including your own, and assess various factors such as ease of finding the club, signage, exterior and interior appearance, staff engagement, and the thoroughness of the tour.

By systematically shopping the competition and your own facility, you gain invaluable insights that can drive your business forward. This proactive approach ensures you stay competitive, meet customer expectations, and continuously improve your services. Contact Jim here for a free shopping report.

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