Managing a Gym: The Art of Planning Gym Classes

Part of managing a gym requires constantly evaluating the effectiveness of gym classes. You might have the perfect location and your team has probably planned out all the details of the layout of the athletic building. Yet, some gyms overlook the time and behavioral economics of fitness classes. If your gym plans to offer classes, hire class teachers wisely, and plan classes that will really work for your members.

Enjoy these suggestions for planning popular gym classes:

1. Don’t Assume You Know What Your Members Want

The kinds of classes that interest members (or prospective members) depend on many factors, such as the local culture, geographic location, weather, and demographics. Find out from current or prospective members what fitness classes they really want. Think about how your gym can gain an edge over the competition. Do a competitive analysis or consider sending out surveys. Talk to people in the community and stay up-to-date on gym class trends. Don’t be too quick to invest in the latest fad, but have a balanced view and evolve gym classes as necessary.

2. Offer Gym Classes for Varying Fitness Levels

If your gym has a mix of people in terms of ages and abilities, make sure you’re not leaving anyone out. Offer classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels if possible. Even if your instructors are masters at certain fitness skills, make sure they are welcoming and approachable to people of all skill levels. That way, people won’t feel overly pressured to perform beyond their abilities and it’s fun for everyone.

3. Consider the Value of Motivational Short-Term or Long-Term Classes

Part of the reason why people attend fitness classes are for social reasons. Some gym members want to achieve short-term goals while others have long-term goals. Consider offering classes with various structures and course lengths so that people feel a sense of completion with attaining goals.

Seek ways to make fitness classes an interactive or positive part of the day. What are some ways to create team dynamics or a friendly level of competition? Class instructors who connect with people at the classes, and customize their classes to meet the needs of members, may have a greater chance of success.

To learn more about ways to make the most of the gym experience for members, contact us.

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