How Relaxed Services Increase Fitness Club Membership

People join fitness clubs for a large variety of reasons. From the power-walking elderly to recent mothers getting back in shape, the energetic athletes in the commercials make up a much smaller percentage of the total members than one might think. For these specialty groups, the peripheral services offered by a fitness club can be more important to them than the centralized elliptical and resistance training machines. Spas, pools, saunas, tracks, massage therapy and personal trainers are a big part of what draws clients to a fitness club and the quality of these services has a huge impact on their potential number and selection of clientele.

The Pool and Physical Therapy

Most people are aware of the advantages of pool based physical therapy. It can be highly beneficial for many conditions to simply float, lifting normal structural weight off of stressed or damaged parts of the body. People who suffer from orthopedic conditions often seek fitness clubs that offer a relaxed pool environment. Creating a safe wading area and scheduling weekly therapy classes will make a club much more welcoming to members seeking physical therapy assistance.

Walking Slowly to Stay Fit

Before cars, people walked everywhere all the time. Generation after generation of people walked miles a day to complete their work and daily errands. Your body expects to walk that much, and your digestion is built to work better as you walk off each meal. Unfortunately, it’s no longer practical or safe to walk everywhere anymore. Between desk jobs and dangerous city parks, it’s no wonder why people love the track. This holds true for every age, energy level, and capability of person. The elderly, infirmed, and recent mothers have a lot to gain from regular long walks in a safe, well-lit environment and will often join a fitness clubs for low-energy services like walking the track or slowly swimming laps. Having a very-slow lane on your track is a great way to draw and retain these members.

Relaxing in the Spa

Not everyone joins a fitness clubs to work out, lose weight, or build muscle. Some people will become members solely for access to luxurious spa services. Whether for personal or medical reasons, saunas, hot tubs, massages and relaxed personal trainers will increase a club’s numbers with more laid-back members. Conversely, clubs with an ambient attitude of athletes vs slackers will be much less welcoming to the large percent of the population who don’t care to pump iron but may still want the fitness clubs perks.

When choosing a club to join, members are looking for services that suit their needs. Sporty people will be looking for their favorite mix of equipment and hours that suit their busy schedules. People with health concerns are looking for a safe, relaxed place to stay in or get back into shape. Some people are just looking for a place to get a weekly massage and sauna. Whether you’re having trouble finding the perfect fitness clubs or are a club hoping to draw a larger audience, contact ustoday. Fitness consulting is what we do best!

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