Coming Up with a Core Branding Idea for Your Fitness Center Business

When you start a business, you need to have something that separates you from everyone else. Your product or service needs to stand out in some way. For example, Apple computers stand out from other computers because they’re slimmer and more stylish. Forever 21 clothes stand out from other ready-to-wear clothes because they’re more youthful and cheaper. Chipotle markets itself as a healthier, almost organic Mexican option; this is what separates this brand from other Mexican food brands.

So each brand has something that sets it apart. And you also need to think about what exactly is going to set your business apart from others.

When Do You Start Branding?

If you’re just starting your business, this is the perfect time to consider this question. But even if you’ve been running your business for a while, you can make a conscious effort to evaluate your current brand and think about whether you need to change it.

What Makes Your Fitness Center Different?

The first thing you should do is to sit down with a pen and paper, either by yourself or with a business partner. Then write down exactly why you want to start this business.

  • Did you sense that there was something missing in the fitness center market in the neighborhood where you plan to start your business?
  • Maybe there are many gyms but no yoga studio?
  • Or maybe there are gyms but they’re all very male-oriented and don’t create a female-friendly environment?
  • Or maybe you’d like to offer exclusive fitness services in a neighborhood which only has very basic gym options?

Either way, there must have been some reason why you wanted to start your business. And usually, this can be the basis for your brand.

When you market/advertise your fitness center, you can emphasize the reason why you’re starting it. What makes it different and better? Why would your target demographic want to come here and not go anywhere else?

When Is It Time to Switch Brands?

There are also times when your original branding idea may not work out. Or it may work for many years and then peter away. In this case, it’s time for a new brand. And you can follow the same process when trying to define your brand. Just think about what you can offer your customer that they aren’t getting anywhere else—that one thing that makes you special. And you’ll have your core branding idea.

Contact us for more tips for setting up and running your fitness center business.

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