4 Ways to Use Snapchat Marketing for Your Fitness Club

Snapchat is a great marketing tool for fitness centers, personal trainers, and gyms. Many people don’t know of its benefits or how to use it for marketing. However, once you get started, it’s actually kind of fun. Here are four Snapchat marketing tips for fitness clubs.

Promote Your Channel

The first step is actually getting followers. To do that, you need to start promoting your username on all of your online and offline marketing materials, such as on your blog, in your emails, and on your flyers or business cards. Encourage users to download or scan your “Snapcode” so that they can add you easily.

Upload Stories

Snapchat stories are a great way to connect with your audience. They are designed to be short and sweet, and they only last for 24 hours. You can upload short informational videos, but keep it fun and interesting on Snapchat. Other ideas for stories include short sneak peeks into your training classes and videos of events at your gym. Another idea is to upload user-generated content — ask users to send you short clips and upload them to your stories.

Start a Group

Snapchat groups are a great way to build a community of like-minded people. Snapchat Groups can only accommodate 16 people each, but you can create different groups for different sub-interests in fitness and training.

Offer Special Promotions

In order to encourage people to connect with you on Snapchat even if they are already following you on Facebook or Instagram, offer coupons and discounts that are unique to your Snapchat followers. Upload discount codes to your story and tell people to screenshot them. This way, you can also track your engagement rate, as Snapchat will tell you who watched and who screenshotted your story.

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