Is it time to sell?  Wanting a buyer for your gym? Don’t know where to find them? Our channels get thousands of hits each month.  When owners of gyms are looking to sell they turn to Fitness Management.  Fitness Management is your link to leading gyms and top business brokers by connecting you with quality prospective buyers and strategic acquirers.

Buy/Sell transactions are at the highest level since 2007.  For buyers, the represents strong value opportunity as a result of increasing revenue growth and stabilizing prices.  The consistently strong financial performance of gyms bodes well for the future and is why gym owners are earning healthy sales prices upon exit.

Fitness Management has Sr. Business Intermediaries looking for gyms in your area.  Reply now to find out if you are a possible match. Qualified buyers and strategic acquirers are out in force, it is truly a seller’s market.  Act now for a no-obligation consultation. Please fill in the requested information and one of our Sr. Advisors will contact you on your confidential line.

By fitmanagement

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