How to Buy a Gym for Sale

Buying a Gym for Sale Gyms for sale are all around us. There are a number of factors to consider when buying a gym, and plenty of questions to ask once you have settled on a couple of possibilities. Learn as much as you can before taking the big leap. Examine the Financials Check over the gym’s profit-and-loss sheets and cash flow statements. You should know everything there is to know about how much money has come into the gym, where it went, and what are the projections for future earnings. Enlist the services of an accountant or CPA to assist with these efforts. Pay special attention to the gym’s liabilities, as new owners usually acquire these along with the gym’s assets. The due diligence package should also include the gym’s income tax returns, legal filings, articles of incorporation, and information on lawsuits both past and pending. Understand Why the Gym is For Sale Everyone has his or her own reason for wanting to sell a gym or health club. Retirement is a p…
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