Where and How to Prospect

Tools for Prospecting


  • Lead boxes/Fish bowls
  • Displays – stores, health fairs, demonstrations
  • Presentation book containing club pictures, articles and testimonials
  • Guest passes
  • Flyers – Use internally as a sales tool when closing the sale and externally by distributing to local stores
  • Business cards


Internal Prospecting


  • Get referrals from current members
  • New service offerings
  • Guest passes
  • Contacting previous members to renew/join
  • Contact missed guests and invite them back in
  • Continuing education classes offered in your club
  • Give out marketing calendar of monthly events
  • Seminars/health fairs (open to the public)
  • Offer blood pressure, body fat testing, skin cancer testing (open to the public)
  • Send thank you cards to all new members and missed sales opportunities


Special corporate presentations (Contact CEO/Human Resources)


  • Paycheck stuffers
  • Demos/seminars
  • Health Fairs
  • In house presentations


High Schools & Colleges


  • High school newspaper
  • Give presentations at schools on the benefits of exercise
  • Give passes to students and their parents
  • Participate in every type event possible (blood pressure, body fat, guest
  • passes).  This usually includes demos.
  • Guest talks and demos
  • Health fair’s
  • Write articles for school newspaper
  • Offer free fitness evaluations


Organizations, Clubs, Apartment Complexes, Stores


  • Women’s clubs, Men’s clubs, Junior league, Elks club, etc.
  • Luncheon speaker (extend guest passes)
  • Mail out speaker bureau
  • Girl scout/Boy scout (passes for parents)
  • American Heart Association, Cancer society, Regional blood center,
  • Cystic Fibrosis, Charity events – “Dance for Heart”
  • Apartment managers – passes and flyers in new tenant packages, bulletin

board ads

  • Displays in local stores, businesses, groups
  • Chamber of Commerce expo, business expo
  • Direct mail and phone solicitations from lead boxes/fish bowls


Special One Week of Fitness Pass


  • New moms – letter and call
  • Job advances – congratulatory letter with guest passes
  • New business-  Send brochure and guest passes
  • New home buyers and apartment dwellers (turning on electric/listing)
  • Newsletter – monthly sent to all Chamber members through their existing


  • City and school board members
  • Arrangements with hospitals, rehabilitation and physical therapy centers




  • Secretaries day (one week membership)
  • Invitations for special events (one week membership)
  • Boss’s day (one week membership)
  • Mothers day/fathers day – florists/sporting goods stores/restaurants
  • Holidays – use them to your advantage

Working the Floor and Providing Service


  • Approaching the member with sincerity and get feedback from member about how there program is coming along
  • Always take a low pressure approach.  Don’t come on to strong by asking for referrals to fast.
  • Give them your name and ask them to see you after their workout
  • Offer free guest passes for their friends
  • Call your new members to find out when they will be coming in to workout.
  • Document their arrival times in your planner.
  • You’ve already established a rapport with your own clients so you don’t need a reason to ask them to see you after their workout. Just tell them that you like to have your members “check out” with you to review their program.  Have them bring their exercise card with them.  This will give you a good lead in to your presentation.


The most important factor involving prospecting, JUST DO IT, and you’ll prosper.

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