Weekends Are Mondays

When I first started in the fitness industry, I was going to college and worked only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I would go to school all week, then my first day of the week was Friday.  I would walk in fresh and inspired because Friday was my Monday!  I approached every day as a Monday.  I expected people to show for their appointments and to enthusiastically become a member.

It didn’t matter what the name of the day was, every day was a Monday to me.  Some of my co-workers would tell me they dreaded weekends because they were so slow.

I wasn’t smart enough, or experienced enough to know that weekends were slow.  In fact, my retail experience had taught me to expect that weekends were actually the busiest days.  Possibly I was more desperate for money and because I was going to school I didn’t have time for it to be slow.  I only had so many hours I could work.  I considered every minute a tragic waste of sixty perfectly good seconds.

It was this approach that allowed me to gross more during the 3 days that I worked, then most of the staff did during the entire week.  This, of course, led me to a promotion to assistant manager, in charge of weekends!

Soon I had our entire staff believing that Friday was Monday, and so was Saturday and Sunday for that matter!

It wasn’t long before the weekday staff were wishing that Mondays were as busy as the weekends!  It’s all in your head.

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