Weak Ends Vs. Strong Ends

Weekend Staff Goal Meetings

Starting on Wednesday have a meeting with your weekend manager and staff.  At this meeting set realistic appointment goals and sales goals for each individual counselor for the weekend.  Follow up with the weekend manager on a daily basis to see the progress toward hitting appointment goals.  Make sure the goals are attainable.  In the following weeks, if the realistic goals have been attained, increase the sales at a realistic rate.  Soon your Weak Ends will be Strong Ends.

Weekend Staff Incentive

One way to increase weekend sales is by implementing employee incentives.  Each week have a different incentive for your weekend employees to hit their goals.  Announce the incentives at the Wednesday Weekend Staff Meeting.  There are good incentives to use.

  1. Money – Weekend Manager has $200 bonus based on production.
  1. Recognition – Use a “top Weekend Producer” certificate or trophy, that can be displayed until the following weekend.
  1. Prizes – Lunch or dinner for 2 certificates.

Increase Weekend Traffic with Activity

Activity = Increased Energy = Sales

On the second and last weekend of the month you can increase your weekend energy and sales by scheduling events that cost little or no money.  Contact as many retail and food establishments in your area as you can.  Start with your local lead box locations.  Explain that you would like them to participate in your health and fitness fair on a certain date.  Participation includes donating a give away prize that is worth $50 – $100 dollars and they must provide their own table and chairs.  They will receive:

  1. Their name will be announced on your PA system
  1. Their name will be on a flyer that will be distributed in your area.
  1. They can show their product or service at the club.

Have your front desk pass out flyers to all members leaving the club.  Have your counselors distribute flyers with their guest passes to all available retail and good establishments in your area.  Have each member and guest receive and fill out a drawing slip.  For each  guest the member  receives 5 tickets.  If the guest enrolls, the member receives 10 tickets.  Have a drawing every 15 minutes during the event and have the grand prize give away at 5:00 PM.  This event will generate traffic through excitement, energy and sales. 

Weekend Give A-ways

In the fitness industry free giveaways = sales.  Some incentives for members to sponsor guests which can be given away in special drawings can be:

  1. Sponsor a qualified guest this weekend and receive 1 Lotto quick pick ticket. If the guest enrolls they will receive 5 more Lotto quick pick tickets.
  1. Bring a 1st time qualified guest and receive 2 movie passes. If the guest enrolls they will receive 2 more movie passes.
  1. Sponsor a qualified member on a weekend and enter your name into our weekend drawing 10 times. Hold a drawing at 6 PM that night to give away a donated prize, i.e., dinner, theater tickets, weekend trips, etc.  Most give a-ways can be a trade out for free in club advertising as long as the trade out is approved in advance.

Expect the Best

  1. Double the appointment expectation
  1. Prepare yourself mentally for success.
  1. Believe that Weekends are the strongest days.
  1. Take ownership. These are the days for you and your staff to prove yourselves. 

Develop A Personal Close Out

  1. Book all missed sales and tough appointments for a guest workout with the agreement that if they enjoy their experience they will become members.
  1. Develop a “sharp angle” in your telephone presentation, i.e. “All New Members This Weekend, Receive A Free T-shirt, Vacation Certificate, etc.


  1. Push for family appointments. This is a time when both spouses can be present.  Emphasize family add-on specials

Let’s Party

  1. Host an Open House Party! Complete with giveaways and free body fat testing, free baby-sitting and music!  Contact local merchants for food, drink and free gifts.  Create a “buying atmosphere”.  Make your guest feel obligated to buy, after receiving so many free goodies.
  1. Sports parties – Football and Baseball games parties set up for the playoffs of other special games. Us your big screen TV to your advantage.
  1. BBQ – throw a BBQ for your members, kids and guests.  Make sure you promote it well in advance.
  1. Have a local Auto Club set up a Classic Car Show in your parking lot. You can also set up Charity Car washes for schools and Churches.  Fill your parking lot with non members then promote your club with guest passes.
  1. Put balloons, banners and signs out on the street where applicable.

Weekend Staff Meetings

  1. Weekend Production Staff Meetings on Thursday at 12:00 Noon. Also meet at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  1. You need to have a weekend Blast Off meeting every Wednesday at 8:00 PM. All team members should attend.  Educate and inform all weekend team members on the special for the weekend.  Assign goals and job duties for each team member for the weekend.

Tackle the Weekend

  1. Make sure everybody sets up for the weekend even if they are not working either day.
  1. Get in at the opening of the facility. Catch the early people sneaking in when they all rush the morning receptionist.
  1. Always have a sales counselor, weekend manager, or assistant manager, and at the front desk to look for upgrades, reinstates and to promote BR’s and upcoming events in the club.
  1. Set up the “Guest Machine”.  The “Guest Machine” involves posting a sign up sheet during the  prior weekend , and having anyone that wants to pre-register a guest for the following weekend sign up.  Their guest will receive one week free.
  1. Work the front desk with extra attention. Look for upgrades and family add ons.

Have a Game Plan

  1. You must have a game plan that defines the team scheduling for each department (counselors, exchange personal trainers, front desk and remaining support staff members).
  1. Your game plan also needs to break down the goals of each department

–  Counselors – Phone presentations, appointments, shows, post sale referrals, floor referrals, promoting special events for each weekend, cleaning duties.

–  Personal trainers – first workouts, cleaning duties.

–  Front desk – checking all members and guests into the facility, confirming appointments, mic announcements on the special events for the weekend every thirty minutes, create an exciting phone salutation announcing the special promotion for that weekend and establish special cleaning details to keep the club looking great.

–  Support staff – Daily job responsibilities and promote special events.

  1. Confirm all appointments Friday and then first thing in the morning.

Evaluate and Learn

You must evaluate each weekend.

  1. Did the team members that were scheduled help you achieve your Strong End goals?
  1. How well would you rate the special event you had going on?
  1. Did your team members meet your expectations? If so, why?  If not, why?
  1. Evaluate each team members performance and contribution for the weekend.
  1. What materials will you need to get the job done better next time?
  1. What changes need to be made to ensure more fun, consistent and successful Strong Ends?

Strong End Summarized

Follow this simple acronym for Strong End success

W – Well Executed Plan

E – Extra Effort

E – Enthusiasm

K – Know your prices, Promotion, Staffing, etc.

E – Events – You must have preplanned events

N – No One Walks

D – Determine your Goals before the Weekend and set up accordingly

= Success

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