Ways To Prospect


  1. Canvassing (beat the streets)


  1. Member referrals (at time of sale, at time of follow up, while talking to them in

the club, etc.)


  1. Attend Business After Hours (networking) Chamber meetings, etc.


  1. Telemarket from business lists.


  1. Wine and Cheese parties for corporate members and their guests.


  1. Work with leasing agents in the area.


  1. Work with Realtors for new move ins.


  1. Apartment Managers


  1. Flyers of guest passes in race packets.


  1. Flyers or guest passes in athletic shoe stores.


  1. Health Fair – set up in nearby business or mall.


  1. Free health screening for businesses (blood pressure, body fat %, etc.)


  1. Work with Sports Rehab to provide follow up program.


  1. Free health risk assessments for corporations.


  1. Welcome Wagon (or similar) for new move ins.


  1. Get tenant list for surrounding offices – send letters and call.


  1. Sponsor Corporate Fitness Challenge.


  1. Corporate member referral – “Where do you work? Do you have a company

fitness program?  Who would I talk to?”


  1. On info call, ask for a friend to come down with them.


  1. Mailer to members.


  1. Associate referrals “Service with a purpose”


  1. Free guest day – promote it!


  1. Co-op with a bank – any $10,000 CD gets a reduced initiation fee, etc.


  1. Merchant co-op – department stores, athletic shoe stores, etc.


  1. Targeted mail out lists – attorneys, CPA’s, physicians, etc.


  1. Member and guest tournaments.


  1. Follow up all letter to all members asking for a referral


  1. Restaurant promotions.





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