Top 10 Rules For Successful Club Management


  1. Make your personnel your #1 investment in terms of both time and money.


  1. Hire only “eagles” and don’t settle for mediocrity. Hire people who in some significant ways are superior to yourself.


  1. Before leaving work each day, draw up a “to-do” list. When you arrive at work in the morning, do the A items immediately and delegate the C items to your staff.


  1. Focus on key issues even if they seem overwhelming, attack the problem every day, bit by bit if necessary.


  1. Become an expert in sales management. Effectively manage the attitudes, work habits and communications of your sales staff every day.


  1. Work on your Club’s Business Plan or key objectives every day. Establish priorities for each department and each employee that directly relate to your priorities.


  1. “Know your numbers, “that is, become emersed in the financial aspects of the Club and use that management information in moving the business forward.


  1. Make a commitment to member service, not just lip service, a real effort to positively affect every member’s experience in the Club.


  1. Plan and complete a significant change in your facility and in your product each month.


  1. To accomplish the above rules for success, you need to devote 50% of your time thinking, creating and planning – not just doing a job.




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