Time Management Checklist

Time Management Checklist


Planning Time


  1. I have a specific objective for each call.


  1. I schedule my time monthly, weekly and daily.


  1. I determine the best time of day to do corporate outreach and schedule accordingly.


  1. I am skeptical of theories that sales can’t be made on certain days or at certain times.


  1. I fill my schedule with phone calls between presentations and tours.


  1. I keep office routine to a minimum and keep all paperwork up to date and accessible.


  1. I base the frequency of calls on customer’s potential need rather than my convenience.


  1. I keep in touch with the front desk to get word of developments that might affect my schedule.


  1. I write out my thank you cards as soon as the person leaves my office, or in slow times.


Before The Call


  1. I eliminate wasted calls by analyzing the need for every call.


  1. I make sure all the presentation material is complete and in order to prevent wasted time and effort.


  1. I review member data before the call




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