Telephone Inquiry Script

Telephone Inquiries


  1. Introduction


Good Morning, this is __________ and who am I speaking with ? ____________


  1. Sourcing


How did you hear about our club? ____________________________________


  1. Qualification


Is this information for you or for someone else? __________________________


  1. Callers Interest


How long has it been since you were in ideal condition? ____________________

What are your primary fitness goals?

Firm/Tone/Wt. Loss/Wt Gain/Build Muscle/Increase Energy/Reduce Stress


  1. Facilities/Services


This is exciting news _______ because we have the finest facilities and services available in the area.  (Highlight the equipment that will accomplish their goals).


  1. Callers Location


Find out where they are located in proximity to the club.


  1. Invitation To Club


Great _______!  By the way, you’re calling at a fabulous time!  We’re offering a great membership opportunity.!  At this time I would like to invite you into the club as my personal guest so I can show you all how you can accomplish your goals by using our facilities.  Which is more convenient for you;  afternoons or evenings.











  1. Close For Appointment


Well _____, I have an appointment available at either _____ or _____ (give two options).  Which do you prefer?  Great ______!  What phone number can you be reached at during the day? ___________ And after work? ___________ Terrific!  Do you have a pen and paper handy because I’d like to give you some information.


  • Do you know where we are located?  (Give directions)
  • Remember, our appointment is is set for (give day, date and time)
  • Remember to ask for (your name) and tell them you’re my personal guest.
  • Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at (state appointment time).


First Price Inquiry:  I’ll be happy to go over that with you, but I’ll need to ask you a few questions first in order to answer you properly.  Fair enough?


Second Price Inquiry:  We have a variety of membership plans to select from.  They vary in the types of facilities and services that are available.  However, we are know for being very affordable so I can assure you that price won’t be an issue.  Fair enough?


Third Price Inquiry:  As I mentioned earlier, we have a reasonably priced plan to fit every budget.  Our enrollment fees start as low as _____ down on some memberships.  Our monthly facility fees start at $39 per month on other memberships.  Most savvy customers want to visit our club first hand before making any decision.  The exciting part is that I can show you our facilities in 10 minutes, then I can answer any of your questions, and custom design a program to suit your needs.  Fair enough?  I have two appointments available (give alternative of choice).  Which do you prefer?

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