Quick Fix for Improving Health Club Sales

Now, of course, there is no “quick fix” for improving health club sales, but I was speaking with a General Manager recently who had just take over a health club that had lacked leadership and direction for an extended period of time.  It seems the health club was making some sales, but it was chaotic, morale was low, customer service had struggled and the pressure was on to produce.

I was asked what could be done to right this ship and get it producing in a more efficient manner.  Much of what we discussed was behavior and was centered on leadership and what could be done to have a quick impact. Here is a snapshot of what we discussed:

  1. Catch people doing something right.

This is something you should always be doing, but it’s always important to remember to reinforce the behavior you want to have duplicated.

  1. The core job of management is to create an environment that allows a motivated person to act.

Help your staff focus on their assigned job, nothing more, nothing less.  If you can get your sales staff focused on making sales, the old adage will be true.  Good sales fix everything.  Or at least, the other things won’t seem to take on quite the same level of “hair-on-fire” importance.

  1. Work to simplify the job.

Reduce the number of moving parts to get things done.  Do you really need one more piece of paperwork or one more meeting?

  1. Don’t let the staff feel your pressures or frustrations.

This is one of the keys to creating the proper environment.  As far as the staff is concerned, you’ve got everything under control and expectations for success are high.

  1. Schedule and start to conduct regular training sessions for each department.

Education and accountability will start to happen.  It will never be important to your staff until its first important to you.  Schedule training and do it. Then follow up.

  1. Play the hand you’re dealt.

As long as you’re willing to accept the check from the club owner, you should also accept the responsibility to perform under his set of rules.  Get in the habit of seeking solutions and not talking about how the owner is wrong.

  1. Become a resource center for those around you.

One of the more common behaviors I see is pushing, pushing, and pushing for performance, but seldom taking the time to really help someone understand how and why things are done a certain way.

  1. Stay focused on the goal of your staff.

If I help you get what you want, I’ll get what I want.  Yes, we know everyone wants sales…we’re clear on that one, but your staff also wants respect, to feel valued, to have their voice heard, good communication, etc.

  1. Don’t lose sight of your own Super Objective.

Just like you do in the membership sales process, take the time to know and understand your own Super Objective.  Why is this job important to you?  Once understood, you will be able to look at each issue that comes up as a pathway to accomplishing that Super Objective.  Remember, the Super Objection is the emotional reason something is important.  Don’t make it entirely about money, there will never be enough.

  1. Keep in Fun.

In order to really be successful in the fitness business, it should be your passion.  Keep it fun and it will rub off on others.


So, there you have it… that was the conversation.  We would enjoy hearing your comments.


Now, go get your club back on track.


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