These policies are put in place to improve the internal and external image of The Ranch Health Club, Duncanville Athletic Club, Hulen Health Club and Plano Health Club.  Our first and foremost responsibility is customer service.  We must also represent the fitness industry and ourselves as trained professionals.




Personal appearance is an extremely important part of our job.  Our appearance has a direct impact on the way members perceive you and our organization. All staff are requested to wear their uniforms when they are training members. Uniforms should be soil free and not altered, that look professional and present a positive image of yourself and your club.


  • Solid Black shirt, any professional style other than cut-off or tank top with the logo embroidered.
  • Warm ups/wind suits will be majority black with logo visible.
  • No hats or visors will be worn, unless logo is visible.



There is to be no eating while on the training floor, this includes sports bars and drinks.

The drinking of water is allowed if consumed form an obvious container.

There is to be no drinking for or from coffee cups, Styrofoam cups or thermoses while on the training floor.



Exchange trainers will be scheduled to work 15 hours per week in 3 or 4 blocks of time.

You will complete and Exchange Hours Report each week and turn into Head Trainer.

All trainers must arrive in a timely manner for evaluations/orientations and for regular clients.  Should tardiness be identified by a member/client, that will be considered a violation of policy and the appropriate action will be taken.



All trainers must have the following on file and kept current.

Professional Liability Insurance

Personal Training National Certification




After 90 days as an “Exchange Trainer”, a review will be conducted by the Director of Operations and Head Trainer to determine whether you will continue as and “Exchange Trainer” or move to “Rent” paying status.




As stated in your contract The Ranch, Duncanville Athletic Club, Hulen Health Club and Plano Health Club will practice its form of discipline in such manner, one verbal warning, two written warnings, dismissal form the premises.



You will be responsible for all applicable policies listed above, in above EFT (electronic fund transfer) will be the only acceptable form of payment.  It is each rent paying trainers responsibility to keep EFT information current and up to date and to verify that debts occur.







First aid at the scene of any injury or illness begins with mental action.  This in itself helps the trainers, employees, members and the victim remain calm. We must be the ones who assume responsibility to:

  • Protect the individual form further injury
  • Maintain life or attempt to restore life
  • Comfort and reassure the individual
  • Activate the emergency medical system


    1. Trainers and Staff must complete an INCIDENT REPORT for every accident they observe or is reported to them. Notify your supervisor immediately.
    2. Do not give the INCIDENT REPORT to the injured person to complete.  The employee or trainer must complete the form. Ascertain what happened from the injured person, witnesses, or observations and evaluation of the situation itself.
      Always offer the victim EMS service whether you think it’s warranted or not.
    3. If an ambulance is needed or advanced first aid is required, the front desk staff will call 911. NEVER LEAVE THE VICTIM BY THEMSELVES.
    4. Check for emergency medical identification bracelet
    5. Only a supervisor should contact any family members of an emergency



In the event of power outage/fire or inclement weather please follow these procedures:

  • Immediately notify a supervisor
  • If the alarm is activated during operational hours unnecessarily, contact the police/fire department and GM/DO to inform them that there is no emergency
  • In the event of a Fire Alarm:
  • If paging system is working make calm announcement for the members to evacuate the building
  • Immediately direct members to the nearest exit.  Assure members with children that the nursery will take all children out the nearest exit
  • Check the locker rooms to confirm that all members are vacated before you actually leave the building.
  • If power outage occurs, our emergency back-up lighting system should activate.  Assure members that everything is fine.  Members should not remain on any electricity powered equipment until power is restored. In case of severe weather have all members gather to lower level of building and to a wall enclosed area away from windows and doors.



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