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Most people lose interest or motivation in their workout program, no matter how well intended, because of a lack of measurable results.  Secondarily, if you accomplish your workout on your own it not only impacts your intensity and focus but can also cause compliance problems.  In other words, you may not workout as often as you should or may quit altogether due to boredom!


Enter our hero – the personal trainer!  If qualified, a personal trainer can not only help you to direct and organize your routine but can lead you through it safely and efficiently.  In addition, working out with someone who is helpful and supportive can get you beyond those nagging time frames in which you just can’t seem to make any progress.  Whether on a regular basis or every once in a while for a “tune up”, working with a personal trainer is a great idea.


Even if you’re been working out for a long time on your own and are satisfied with your program, you may be surprised at the improvement you can make with new ideas and suggestions from your certified personal trainer.  In reality, a personal trainer can improve the performance and results for nearly everyone from expert to novice.  And the additional motivation that they can provide certainly won’t hurt.


So sign up with a certified personal trainer and enjoy the results.  Fitness Works at Morro Bay has a personal training staff ready to help.  And good luck with your workout!



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