Month-end Fitness Party

We should have the attitude that whenever a guest enters our facility it is because they want to enroll and they need the health and fitness lifestyle.

Unfortunately, some people leave the facility without a membership in hand.  The Month-End Fitness Party (close out) provides these guests with one last opportunity to enroll and enhance their lives.  It also provides the club with additional sales and profits during the final days of a month that may turn an average campaign into a very successful one.

The following is a step-by-step procedure explaining how to prepare for the month-end fitness party and maximize the many benefits that can come from it.

  1. All missed guests are immediately put on the month-end fitness party prospect sheet, which should be kept in the managers office.
  2. Four days prior to the month-end fitness party begin calling your missed guests (intense telemarketing!)  Invite them in for the fitness party, offering one final opportunity to enroll at discounted membership prices.
  3. The fitness party is held the final 4 days of the month.  Arrange it so it never falls on a weekend.  The party should be a fun and exciting event.  It’s also the time to increase sales dramatically making more money for the club and the sales people.  Here are a few things you need to prepare for the party and to make things exciting and energetic.
    • Balloons
    • Table (trade out for food and refreshments, Gatorade, sprite, lemonade.  Something light to prevent staining carpets in case of spills)
    • Hold seminars each day, free blood pressure checks, body fat checks, fitness planners, etc.
    • To entice guests to enroll who were previous misses use your monthly special such as:
  1. No enrollment
  2. Dues reduction
  3. Free time

It is important to maintain a low cost budget for the Fitness Party.  A lot of excitement can be generated without a lot of spending.  It might be considered to have the entire staff scheduled to work the four days so everyone can become directly involved.

The key to the success of this entire campaign lies in the proper documentation of missed guests and the telemarketing to maintain contacts so that a minimum of 100 appointments can be set for the party.

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