Manager Responsibilities

The most basic function of the manager is to make sure your club has a sufficient flow of new members to meet or exceed your goals.  This process is a complicated one and consists of many elements and variable – all of which the manager is responsible for.

  1. Setting Goals.


It is the manager’s job to assist in setting goals that provide the club with a sufficient flow of new members and that are reasonable and attainable by the sales personnel.  The manager should also outline how he or she expects the goals to be reached.  If these goals are met, the manager should provide the incentives to reach higher.  Whereas, if the goals are not met, the manager should investigate why, and make adjustments and corrections as necessary. As part of the goal setting process and follow up, the manager should direct all sales activities, supervise the daily activities, and conduct internal sales audits.


  1. Morale & Incentives for the Sales Staff.


The manager should know each of the sales people inside and out.  This should include their work habits, hot buttons, birthday, spouse, children’s names, accomplishments  , and other items of importance.  The manager should know when and how to support, criticize, motivate, and whatever else it takes to make each individual sales person most productive.  The manager should also handle and settle all disputes and conflicts between staff to maintain harmony & develop a spirit of teamwork.


  1. Work Habits.


The manager must be productive him or herself.  They should set an example of hard work, personal appearance, professional conduct, dedication, attention to detail and duty, and to show concern for the individual and team.


  1. Counseling and Supervision.


At every opportunity, the manager should be prepared to deal with group and individual session with personnel.


  1. Hiring and Firing Personnel.


The manager should constantly be searching for people to fill vacancies or replace non-productive people.  The goal here is to have a fully productive team at all times.  The manager is empowered to release any person.



  1. Training.


It is the managers job to establish and carry out an ongoing training program for the sales staff as well as other personnel within the club that have a part in the sales process.  A good example of this is the front desk staff.  They should be trained to handle membership inquiries in an efficient manner.  Sales training should consist of developing sales techniques, product knowledge, sales administration, club procedures, motivation, goal setting, and anything else that will help sales people be more productive.  As well as classroom type training, the manager should supervise on-the-job training and/or field-type training.


  1. Administration.


This area is fairly straight forward in terms of function:

–  Review each membership agreement for accuracy and completeness

–  Insure that all money was properly handled

–  Set work schedules

–  Keep track of all sales records and submit appropriate reports to

appropriate people in a timely and efficient manner.


  1. Motivation.


To provide adequate motivation in terms of:

–  Adequate pay and bonus incentive programs

–  Sufficient recognition for production

–  Motivational sessions with aids such as tapes, books and whatever it takes to make your staff produce.


As you can see, the management job of a health club is a fairly complex job.  How well this job is done will reflect significantly on how many mew members you sell at your club.

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