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Chances are you’ve thought

about joining a health club…


but no one made it easy enough to entice you.  And, frankly, you’re not sure it would be worth your investment – or if you’d stick it out long enough for it to pay off.


You’re not alone.  A lot of people feel that way.  So I called a staff meeting and asked everyone to contribute ideas for getting people like you to try us.  And here’s what they came up with:


  • FREE membership for you for one week.
  • No pitches. No pressure.  No restrictions.
  • FREE membership for a friend for one week.
  • We know you’d be a lot more comfortable with a friend along during the trial.
  • Unlimited use of our exercise and weight rooms.
  • Unlimited access to our aerobics classes.


Honestly, if you can’t make yourself attend regularly during your FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL PERIOD, you’ll know you shouldn’t waste your money on membership.  But my bet is you’ll fall in love with (Club Name).


Bring this letter with you to get your one week FREE membership card.  I’ll be waiting to greet you personally.


In Good Health,




Membership Director



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