Job Description – Sales Director

  • Sales Director


    Basic Job Summary


    The Sales Director should always lead by example in attitude and performance.  Demonstrations of positive reinforcement to tasks well done should be a daily responsibility of the Sales Director to others.


    From a purely mechanical standpoint, the Sales Director should be responsible for and knowledgeable of every form, contract or report that has to do with membership goals.


    As a key member of the staff, the Sales Director should also give insight to the management team as to various market needs that are not being served by various club activities.


    Job Responsibilities


    In order to give some sense of administrative orderliness to the job, the following may be suggested as some general responsibilities:

    1. Meeting each month’s personal sales goals.
    2. Meeting each month’s club sales goals.
    3. Providing input to the manager for forecasting income and expense.
    4. Maintaining all membership records and reporting systems.
    5. Providing advertising and marketing assistance.
    6. Conducting in-house tours.
    7. Training other staff in all areas of club sales.


    The Club’s professional image is initially represented by the Sales Director and her staff.  It is essential, then, that this person have the image the club wishes to declare.  The job offers tremendous financial rewards while guaranteeing satisfaction in the product sold.


    To Sell Memberships


    1. Establishes yearly, monthly, and daily goals. Organizes ideas into action plans.  Follows through to meet goals.


    1. Generates leads through member referrals, formal presentations, public demonstrations, phone calling, advertising and promotions. Follows up on all prospects and invites them to visit or join.


    1. Converts leads into club visits. Gives tours and sets up trial workouts for prospective members.  Enrolls them in joining the club.


    1. Establishes relationships for networking with organizations and with members to explore new business opportunities. Follows up on all prospects.


    1. Upgrades existing memberships to a greater value by including family members or increasing the membership from RESTRICTED to FULL CLUB. Assist members in transferring their memberships in accordance with the club’s transfer procedures.


    1. Maintains accurate records of all leads, referrals, upgrades, sales prospects and promotions. Completes all paperwork regarding sales activities.


    1. Prepares for, attends and actively participates in sales meetings. Engages in activities to increase performance in closings, sales, generation of leads, tours, phone techniques, presentations and networking.


    1. Maintains information on club history, background, philosophy, facilities, staff and policies. Keeps current on industry trends.  Obtains and maintains thorough knowledge of competitors, including location, product offering, pricing, promotional strategies, and sales techniques.  Provides appropriate information to prospective members, current members, management and staff.


    1. Actively represents Sales Department in club functions and community events. Use these to further promote club and generate leads.


    1. Attends departmental meetings to share information regarding sales and methods of enrollment.


    1. Requests assistance from other staff in enrollment and cooperates with departments in activities that further promote the club.


    1. Cooperates with coworkers of Sales Department in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of sales office.


    To Ensure Members And Potential Members Are Supported In Making Membership Decisions


    1. Communicates with members and potential members to discover their interests and concerns. Advises them of available memberships and most appropriate memberships.  Follow up to check that their needs were met, including appointments with appropriate staff, initial workouts and exercise schedules.


    1. Provides any information potential or current members request regarding the club, health or industry issues.


    1. Knows the names of all members to whom a membership was sold. Greets members and motivates them to continue on their health programs.
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