Job Description – Membership Sales Representative





  1. Experience and Educational Requirements:
    1. Equivalent of a high school education required
    2. CPR certification required
    3. A minimum of 18 years of age


  1. Skills Needed:
    1. Basic math skills
    2. Computer Skills
    3. Multi tasked


  1. Attitudes to be Exhibited:
    1. Must have a friendly, outgoing personality
    2. Must have a cooperative attitude
    3. Must exhibit enthusiasm for the club and for their department
    4. Must be a patient, courteous listener, willing to spend time talking to members and showing an interest in them


  1. Duties:


    1. The primary role of a membership sales representative is to promote the sale of new memberships utilizing internal and external leads, and to encourage usage by and renewals among present members.  All membership sales representatives report directly to the Sales Manager.


    1. To be informed of current membership sales campaigns and to be able to intelligently present them to “prospects”.


    1. To be knowledgeable of all club activities.


    1. To greet all guests entering the club and schedule a tour or appointment.


  1. To make a minimum of twenty phone contacts daily.


    1. To schedule and confirm a minimum of five appointments daily (not including renewals).


    1. To fully and legibly complete all membership agreements and accompanying paperwork for each sale.


    1. To complete daily work sheets and submit them to the Sales Manager at the end of each shift.


    1. To encourage new member participation through the use of telephone motivational calls.


    1. To establish a rapport with members and be on a first name basis with as many as possible.


    1. To interact, in a professional manner with other club staff members.


    1. To maintain a prospect box of all contacts and follow-ups.


    1. To attend ALL sales meetings unless prearranged with the Sales Manager.


    1. To further their knowledge of sales techniques through books or tapes.


    1. To inform the control desk of their whereabouts when in the club.


    1. To project a professional demeanor at all times when representing the club.


    1. Be ready for tours and presentations at all times


  1. a)  Prospect box must be in order
    1. Physical appearance must be up to standards
    2. Office must be kept in order


    1. Program yourself in order to allow yourself time to make phone calls–15 minutes of phone calls every hour is a good allotment.


    1. Buddy referrals–when talking to a member, an effort will be made to solicit their friends and associates.  This should be noted on your worksheet.


    1. Breaks will be taken singularly.  If you take a 1/2 hour break, it is your responsibility to inform the other sales people in addition to the front desk.  You will NOT take information calls or ups while on break.


    1. Every tour and all information calls are to be logged on the worksheet – NO EXCEPTIONS.
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