Job Description – Front Desk Manager





  1. Experience and Educational Requirements:
    1. Equivalent of a high school education required
    2. CPR certification required
    3. A minimum of 18 years of age


  1. Skills Needed:
    1. Basic math skills
    2. Computer Skills
    3. Multi tasked


  1. Attitudes to be Exhibited:
    1. Must have a friendly, outgoing personality
    2. Must have a cooperative attitude
    3. Must exhibit enthusiasm for the club and for their department
    4. Must be a patient, courteous listener, willing to spend time talking to members and showing an interest in them


  1. Duties:
  1. 40 hour + work week
  2. Training of new front desk team members
  3. Ongoing training of current team
  4. Attendance at management meetings representing your staff; you are the bridge between top level management and your staff
  5. Organize and lead front desk meetings monthly
  6. Meet with staff on an individual basis monthly
  7. Evaluation of front desk staff including measurable tests
  8. Meet with operations director weekly
  9. Responsible to get front desk shifts covered in emergencies
  10. Maintain service quality at front desk
    1. Enforcement of policies and uniform standards
    2. Maintain cleanliness presentability and efficiency
  11. Foresee and be aware of staffing problems in all areas of the club
  12. Keep stock of towels, schedules, general club information, paper and supplies well stocked
  13. Keep front desk manual updated
  14. See that locker room checks are done regularly
  15. Keep lost and found clean and remove every two weeks
  16. Drop off cash if appropriate
  17. Be a “moment of truth” troubleshooter
  18. Do front desk budgets by the 5th of the month and turn over to Operations Director
  19. Interview potential applicants, screening them for Operations Director
  20. Write up front desk schedule
  21. Maintain communication between the desk, its staff and other departments in the club.
  22. When necessary serve as Manager on Duty
  23. Be cross trained in other areas of the club



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