How to Increase Membership Sales in your Health Club…NOW

I’m sure that title got your attention.  Of course, this is what every health club owner wants.

“What am I doing wrong in my membership sales?” That’s the question I hear most often from health club owners and managers when sales have slowed.  Many times, the answer is … “You’re not doing anything really wrong. You just need to do some things better … and you need to start doing a few things you’ve left out of the membership sales process.”

Here are some proven ideas you can refer to when you choose to evaluate your own sales and marketing efforts in your health club. You can utilize these ideas with your membership sales, personal training, juice bar and most anything you market and sell in your health club.

1. Target specific niche markets in marketing your health club

Everyone within a 3 mile radius of your facility may be a prospect for a health club membership. But your monthly marketing efforts will produce the best results for the lowest acquisition cost when you target prospects with the greatest need for what you offer. Identify a niche market for your marketing. Customize your marketing materials to appeal to their greatest need. Then multiply your health club marketing results by defining several other niche markets for your health club and slanting your marketing materials to appeal the biggest need of prospects in each niche.

  1. Promote your health clubs USP in everything you doYour USP is your “Unique Selling Position”. It’s the compelling reason why a club prospect would join your health club instead of the club around the corner. You’ll attract the maximum number of new members when you offer a benefit they cannot get from other health clubs. If you don’t already have a USP, create one by adding something to your health club you’re not already offering. Convert it into a benefit statement and include that statement in all your marketing, advertising and membership sales presentations.

    3. Never advertise without a clear offer (with an expiration date)

    Always include a powerful offer (only one, by the way) when advertising your health club. For example, offer free information related to your membership, personal training or other services to generate telephone inquiries or website traffic. Then make the most compelling membership discount or bonus time offer you can afford — to convert these inquiring health club prospects into new membership sales or personal training clients. This automatically leads to the next basic principle of health club marketing…

    4. Collect contact information and be sure to follow up

    Most club prospects won’t rush right in and join your health club the first time they hear or see your health club sales message. You will need to have a system to collect contact information enabling you to reach them again with periodic reminders and offers. Many health club will see over 50 percent of their membership sales by following up with club prospects or guests who previously requested information but didn’t join — yet. Advertising and marketing is expensive. Maximize your return and acquisition cost on your marketing by following up periodically with the health club prospects it produced to convert more of them into new members.

    5. Remove any risk to joining your health club

    Do you know the major reason why people don’t join your health club when it’s clearly something they want or need? They don’t want to take the chance of getting something different than they expect and maybe even losing money. You can eliminate this risk by guaranteeing satisfaction on what they buy.. Offer a liberal money back guarantee. A 30 day money back guarantees when someone joins along with a month to month membership that can be cancelled with 30 day notice takes all the guess work out of the buying process. If you’re selling personal training, offer to continue working with your client without any additional charge until the promised result is achieved.

    6. Be diversified in your approach

    It’s easier and less expensive to get more new members from current satisfied members than to advertise for new members. Continually seek or develop new products and services to sell in your health club — and offer them to your members.

    7. Never stop testing your marketing

    Continually test and evaluate the effectiveness of everything you do to promote your health club. .Here’s an effective guideline that we have used successfully in many health clubs across the country. Allocate 80 percent of your marketing budget and effort in proven health club promotions, events and offers…and then 20 percent in testing new ideas. But don’t just test blindly, do your research. Many health clubs use this approach and continue to see growth…even in competitive market places and difficult economies.

    Now, evaluate how well you’re implementing each of these principles in your health club. Just a small improvement in just one of them will boost your membership sales immediately. An improvement in several will generate a big increase in your total health club sales volume.

Now, go improve your new membership sales…NOW!





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