Five fears that keep people away from health clubs

1. The fear of feeling stupid.These people who don’t know how a club works, nor do they have the slightest idea of how fitness equipment works.  Not wanting to look or feel stupid, they steer clear of fitness facilities.

    1. The fear of feeling isolated.

    When people here the word “club,” they feel the word “connection.”  They imagine that the members know the staff and know one another.  Not wanting to feel alone and isolated, they avoid the “club” experience.

    1. The fear of looking and feeling like a klutz.

    Many people have had bad experiences with sports and fitness.  They have never felt confident or competent doing them. These people do not want to enter an arena where they feel they will stand out as uncoordinated and unathletic.

    1. The fear of “physical anxiety.”

    Many people are embarrassed about their bodies.  They avoid any arena where their physique could be more visible.  They are even more uncomfortable in an arena in which they imagine that everyone else is in perfect shape.

    1. The fear of being “strong-armed” to join.

    Many people have heard stories about clubs that specialize in “high-pressure” sales tactics.  They have also heard stories about clubs that are “only interested in their money.”  These fears prevent many people from even considering a health club experience.



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