Five Basic Objections

I want to think about it

I can’t afford it

I don’t have the time

I have to speak with my spouse

I want to look at other clubs




Remember, this is not a true objection!  When the prospect tells you this, what they are really saying is that there is a specific problem or reason that is preventing them from going ahead with the membership.  Your job is to first get the real objection, isolate it as the true objection, then overcome it and enroll the prospect.  There are 4 different steps you can take to overcome this:


Step 1 – Last Chance Close


This should be the most often used technique for “I want to think about it.”


“John, I can understand exactly how you feel; a lot of people feel the same as you do.  Obviously you wouldn’t take the time to think about it unless you were seriously interested, would you?  I would like however, to cover a few points that we have discussed.”


Then without hesitation, begin a series of questions that the prospect already agreed to or questions that the prospect would not disagree with, such as:


“The club is convenient for you, isn’t it?

“You shared with me that you have been thinking about exercising for at least 6 months now, correct?”

“You’re interested in shedding fat and increasing lean muscle and you agreed that you can achieve these goals with our state of the art equipment, classes and support staff, correct?

“Our club hours of operation suit your needs, correct?”



Leave money for last, this is quite often the final objection.

“Be frank with me, John, is it the initial investment that’s holding you back?”  Once you isolate the money objection, you can close with the reduction to the ridiculous which is covered later.


Step 2 – Frankly Speaking Close


“John, it has been my experience that after someone has been shown our wonderful facilities and explained to them the advantages of following a regular exercise program, if they can’t convince themselves at that time, then there is a slim to none chance of them convincing themselves when they get home.  The percentage of people who actually begin to exercise after they say that hey “want to think about it” is very small because what happens is, no matter how good their intentions might be, they rationalize to themselves that they’ll begin at a later date, but later never seems to come around.  The only thing for sure is, that each day goes by, they will be in a little worse condition and their health will continue to slip.  Procrastination is our biggest enemy!  Now John, you shared with me that you have been thinking about a fitness program for over 6 months.  I encourage you to stop thinking about it, an start doing something about it.  You shared with me that you are indeed committed to improve your fitness and I believe that you are sincere when you say that.  The club is certainly conveniently located for you, but the biggest advantage is the personalized service which you will enjoy.  So John, would you like to get started today?”


Step 3 – Three – step process


“John, there are three steps when someone purchases a membership.  The first step is that they think about it.  Some people think about it for 2 months, 6 months, 2 years or 10 years!  You shared with me that you’ve been thinking about it for _________.  The second step is that you go out and look at a club.  That’s where you are right now.  The third step is that you actually enroll into a program.  By saying that you want to “think about it” now, is going back to step 1, instead of moving ahead with confidence to step 3 which is actually taking control and doing it.  Don’t you agree?  So John, would you like to get started?”


Step 4 – Benefit Summary Close


“John, I can understand you wanting to make the right decision.  Just by coming in today shows me that you are serious about improving your fitness level, aren’t you?  John, you shared with me that you wanted to (name specific goals they said during your qualification). You had agreed that we have the equipment, classes and services that would meet your needs (mention their hot button and areas of interest).  That is why you came in here in the first place, isn’t it?  Well, John, would you like to get started?”




Step 1 – Reduce to the Ridiculous


“John, when someone tells me that the membership is too much, what I have learned is that the problem is not that it’s too much, but how much is too much.  Based on the program which we’ve outlined, how much too much is it?


Let the prospect give you the figure.  Let’s say for example, the membership is $20/month more than they want to spend.


At this point take your calculator and break the objection down.  Divide $20 by 4.2 (weeks in a month) which equals to $4.75/week.  Then divide $4.75 by 3 times usage per week which equals to $1.59 per visit.  This is the process of reduction to the ridiculous.  Once this is done, give an oblique comparison.  “John, $1.59 is about the cost of a Jr. Cheeseburger or a cup of coffee.”  Then smile and are. “are you going to let the cost of a cheeseburger come between you and your health?”


Step 2 – Magic Wand Close


“John, if I had a magic wand and all I had to do is waive it in front of you and you could be in the shape you want to be in, would it be worth the cost of the membership?  Well of course it would be, John.  However, there is no magic wand.  But by using the club 2 – 3 times a week and with a small investment, you can achieve the same results as you would with the magic wand.  So, if you would invest the money for the waive of a magic wand, then it’s not the money that’s the issue.  The real issue is the 2 – 3 times a week necessary to achieve your goals and, John, you shared with me earlier that you could get here (name days & times he agrees he could use the club during your qualification).  Instead of waiting for a miracle, would you like to get started today?”




This objection should have been overcome with basic qualification and involvement questions during qualification on the tour.  That is:


  1. “John, would you be using the club in the morning, afternoon or evening?”
  2. “John, what days do you see yourself using the club?”
  3. “John, most of our members are very busy and their time is valuable.  So, to be efficient they stick to a basic conditioning program of 2 – 3 times a week.  Wouldn’t you agree that good health is worth a few hours a week?”


If proper qualification is used during the qualification & tour, then Step 1 would naturally refer back to their affirmative answer.


Step 1 – Refer to Qualification Close


“John, I can understand your concern about having time to use the facility, however, I thought we had covered that when you told me you would be able to fit 2 –3 hours a week to exercise, didn’t we?”


Step 2 – 168 Hours in a Week close


“John, I can understand you wanting to make sure you have the time to use the club.  We all make the time to do things we value.  You shared with me earlier that improving your fitness was very important to you.  If you take 24 hours times 7 days, that equals to 168 hours per week.  Wouldn’t you agree that your health would be worth two or three hours out of those 168?  John, would you like to get started with your membership?”




Step 1 – Your Spouse is Supportive Close


“John, I understand that you want to run it by your spouse.  You shared with me earlier that your spouse was in support of you improving your fitness, didn’t you?  And to be frank, what spouse wouldn’t be supportive?  You shared with me that you have been thinking about it for _________.  Your spouse is certainly in support of you improving your fitness & I’m sure that they will be thrilled and supportive for you as well.  So, John, wouldn’t you like to get started?”


Step 2 – Shoe on the Other Foot Close


“John, let me ask you something.  If your spouse came home one day and told you that they had visited a health club, and finally decided to start an exercise program to improve the way they look and feel, would you get upset at them and tell them they shouldn’t do it?  Or would you be happy and encourage them to improve their fitness level?  Of course you would encourage them because you care about them and want them to look and feel their best.  Don’t you agree that your spouse will actually be thrilled that you have decided to exercise, especially since ya’ll have talked about it many times and it’s something that you really want to do?”




Step 1 – This Club Suits your Needs Close


“John, I can understand you want to see other clubs.  What that tells me is that you’re serious about getting started, aren’t you?  If you feel that this club does not meet your needs, I understand why you want to look elsewhere, however, let me make sure I understand what your needs are:  You shared with me that you want to lose body fat and increase strength.  Wouldn’t you agree that we have more than enough facilities and equipment to meet that need?  You also said that the club is very conveniently located, correct?  Now, when you combine those positives along with our fantastic promotion – where you can save a substantial amount of money, there is no other facility in town, or perhaps America that can offer this kind of value!  So, wouldn’t you like to get started today?”


Step 2 – This Club is Different from the Other Clubs


“John, I understand that you want to see other clubs, it shows that you’re serious about getting started.  You know, other clubs will have similar equipment, perhaps not as much or as nice, and to be frank, anyone can spend money and put together a facility like ours; there is however, something that you get here that you don’t get in any other club.  Do you know what that one thing is, John?  ME!  I’m going to personally make sure that you get the kind of service necessary to achieve your goals.  We are a full service, private club that takes a personal interest in each of our members.  We’re not like most clubs just interested in making the sale, then leaving you on your own, and I don’t think that’s the type of club you want either, is it?  Well, John, wouldn’t you like to get started?




  1. Similar Situation Close

“John, several months ago, I had a client who had a similar situation as you do.  He was so sincere about starting a fitness program as you are, had some specific fitness goals he wanted to accomplish, as you do, but he didn’t enroll because he wanted to “think about it” for no specific reason.  After putting it off for another 3 months of inactivity, he came back and enrolled and he was openly upset with himself for waiting.  Now John, I don’t think that you want to make the same mistake, do you?  Wouldn’t you like to get started? 




  1. Now, Later, Never Close

“John, there are three times you can get started:  Now, later or never.  I don’t think you would be here in the first place if it was Never.  If it’s Later, then you’re just putting it off and wasting time when you could be getting in shape and you shared with me that you want to be effective & efficient in your workouts, so John, you might as well seize the moment and do it NOW, don’t you agree?  So, wouldn’t you like to get started?


  1. Time, Desire, Money Close

“John, basically, you need three ingredients in order to get started.  Time, Desire & Money.  You have the Time, because you shared with me that you could get in 2 –3 times a week.  You have the Desire, because you’re here right now.  That leaves Money.  John, isn’t $1.25 a day worth getting into shape?  John, wouldn’t you like to get started?


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