Employee Policy Manual


The goal of this company is to provide the highest level of quality service possible to our VALUED CUSTOMERS.  This must be done at a competitive price, while Club can maintain a reasonable established margin of profit.



You are required to read this booklet and then sign that you have read and understand the company policies as outlined.  While you are in the employment of Club, you are expected to comply with these rules at all times.  Be aware, this document will not serve as, and is not intended to be construed as a contract between employee and employer.  You are required to return this handbook upon completion of your employment.




I acknowledge receipt, reading and understanding of the Club company policies (beginning with the section “Hours, Holidays, and Vacations” and culminating with the section “Use of Facility”) as outlined herein (“Employee Policy For Club”).  Furthermore, I acknowledge receipt of the _____________________________

Department Manual – that I have read and understand the policies of that manual and agree to abide by those polices.






Employee Signature:___________________________















General Information


Hours, Holidays, and Vacations


Your standard working day, exclusive of meal time, will not normally exceed eight consecutive hours.  Under special conditions, you may be asked to work longer than eight hours in one day.  If you work more than eight hours in any one day and you are paid hourly, you will be paid overtime.


A daily/weekly work schedule, outlining your beginning and ending work hours, is set upon employment.  You may not alter your work schedule without permission from your supervisor.


The five scheduled club holidays are:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Fourth of July.  Club will be closed on these days.  You will not be paid for these or any other holidays, or for any other day, week or hour that you do not work.


You must complete 90 days before vacation time can be taken.  All vacations are optional.  Approval from your supervisor is required.  Employees will not receive vacation pay.


Employee Forms


Each employee is required to complete the following forms prior to employment:  W-4, I-9, Employee Application, Employee Information Sheet, Non-Harassment/Discrimination Form, Release of Information Form, Drug Free Workplace Form, Pre-Employment Form and Property Check-out Form.  These forms are available from the administrator of your facility.



Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance is available to full time (40+) salaried employees, at their option, after ninety (90) days of employment; at which time, they would then become a permanent employee.


One hundred percent (100%) of all employees benefits (medical and dental) are paid by the employee and can be deducted from the employee’s pay check every pay period for those employees that elect to carry insurance or any other employee benefit.






Dental Coverage


Dental Insurance is available to full time (40+) salaried employees, at their option, after ninety (90) days of employment; at which time, the employee would then become a permanent employee.  One hundred percent (100%) of all dental benefits are paid by the employee and deducted from the employee’s pay check every pay period for those employees that elect to carry insurance or any other employee benefit.




All Child Care, Fitness, and Front Desk personnel are required to wear specified Club attire with an appropriate name tag at all times while on the clock.  See your supervisor for specifics.


Upon hiring, each employee will be given, at no charge, one shirt and a name tag.  The remainder of employee shirts are to be purchased by the employee, at the employee’s discretion, at Club cost.


Sales personnel are required to dress professionally at all times.  Jeans are not permitted.


Our customers will view the quality of our work in light of our cleanliness and appearance.  Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times.


Hiring Policies


The only standard for employment, compensation, advancement and the receipt of benefits is performance.  During your first ninety (90) days of employment, your status is considered probationary.  After this time, you will be considered a permanent employee.


No one will be denied any of the above on the basis of age, sex, color, race, national origin or religious persuasion; nor will anyone be the receiver of special treatment for those same reasons.


Job Descriptions


Each new employee will receive a description of all areas of responsibilities relative to the assigned job.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that all training is complete in accordance with club standards.

Pay Methods


Your wage is set according to the wage scale negotiated with Club, and is a confidential matter.  Discussion of your pay with other employees is prohibited and may be grounds for dismissal.  Club will set the pay period and you will be paid accordingly.  Wages are based and adjustments are made according to productivity standards for each department.



Timecards are due on the 16th of each month for the period from the 1st through the 15th and on the 1st of each month for the period from the 16th to the end of the month.  Employees will receive their pay checks on the 10th and the 25th, unless this day falls on a Sunday in which paychecks will be received one day later.


A check stub showing your hours worked, gross earnings and deductions will accompany your pay check.


Standard payroll deductions will be:  Federal Withholding, Social Security, the group insurance plan (optional), and amounts due to the company by the employee (if any).


If you have any questions about your pay you should speak to your supervisor.


Payroll Deductions For Cash Shortage and Breakage


There shall be a deduction from the wage of the responsible employee and the responsible employee shall reimburse Club for any cash shortage, breakage or loss of equipment caused by dishonest or willful act or by the gross negligence of the employee.  Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, any employee that has the exclusive and personal control of cash funds of the company and is required by the company to account for said funds, by reason of this prior written notice in this booklet, be required to make reimbursement for all cash shortages, which sums may be deducted from the responsible employee’s wages




The following are grounds for immediate dismissal:


  1. Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substance.


  1. Carrying, using, or distributing illegal drugs and/or materials on company premises, in contact with any of the company’s customers and/or suppliers, in company vehicles, or when representing the company in any capacity.


  1. Theft.


  1. Fighting.


  1. Purposeful destruction of and/or damage to company property of the property of any individual.


  1. Purposeful creation of a health hazard or endangering of others.


  1. Disregard of any agreed-upon safety practice as discussed at safety meetings.


  1. Public criticism of any employee or the company itself, or discussion of pay with other employees.


  1. Misrepresentation of a product or a service can seriously jeopardize the public and legal position of this company. Any employee involved in misrepresentation may be dismissed.


  1. The selling of services by an employee to a member which competes in any way with Club without prior approval of the Owner.


Termination and Write-up Policy


Every effort will be made to help you adjust to your work.  Club may, but is not required to, give you written notice of unsatisfactory work.  Each employee is “at will” and without fixed term and may be terminated at any time with or without cause and without prior notice.


If at any time your employment is to be terminated for unsatisfactory performance on your part, your supervisor will fully explain t he problem to you, but prior notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice of termination will not be given.  No one shall receive any severance pay.




Complaints and/or grievances usually result from misunderstandings or errors.  Most problems can be eliminated by a frank discussion of the problem with your department supervisor or General Manager.


If you wish to file a formal complaint, please submit this to the General Manager.  A meeting will be scheduled and every effort will be made to rectify the issue/problem as soon as possible.



Sexual Harassment/Racial Discrimination


Club will take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent any form of discrimination or sexual harassment against any employee.  If at any time you feel that you have been discriminated against or harassed in any way during your employment with Club, please contact the General Manager or the Business Office immediately.  Your issue will be given prompt attention.





The company asks that resignations be submitted to your supervisor in writing at least two weeks prior to your proposed finishing date.  Please leave your forwarding address if you are moving so your earnings records for the year can be sent to you.


Attendance Policy


All employees are expected to be on the job at their work stations on time.


Front Desk personnel responsible for opening the club are required to arrive early enough to allow all pre-opening tasks to be completed 5 minutes prior to opening of the club.




A 30 minute lunch break is allowed for any employee working six consecutive hours.  The specific time will be determined by your supervisor and may vary by employee or group of employee.  This time is UNPAID time and requires the employee to clock out.  Furthermore, lunch must be consumed off the premises of Club or in designated break/lunch area.


In addition, a ten-minute break will be available for each four hours worked.  Specific timing will be set by management depending on the work schedule.  This is paid time.  The employee is not required to clock out.  However, the manager must first be notified prior to taking your break.




You must advise your supervisor as soon as possible if you are not able to work.  It is your responsibility to get a replacement for your shift.  A failure to appear for work without prior notification may be considered a voluntary resignation without cause.


You will be required to contact the company in the same manner each work day you will be absent.  Any time away from work for illness, personal business or otherwise which is not for company business shall be taken without pay.


Time off during a work day for such reasons as a doctor or dentist appointment at least three (3) days in advance.  Such time off will be granted if it does not interfere or conflict with club operations.  This time will be without pay.




Lobby and Office Area


Club personnel are not to frequent the sales office and lobby area without just cause.  These areas are to look clean, organized, and professional at all times.   Discussions not related to the servicing of our customers is not permitted in these areas.


Upon closing front desk personnel are required, for safety and practical purposes, to lock all doors and not allow any employee or other persons to disrupt their closing procedures.




All hourly employees are required to use the time clock and associated timecards to keep track of hours worked.  In any instance that the time clock is not used, permission to manually write time-in – time-out on the time card must be given by the club manager and initialed by them as well.


Upon culmination of the workday, each employee is required to add up the hours worked (deducting lunch time) and document that amount of time from the time card.


Please make sure the following information is on each timecard:  name, date for each day worked, time-in, time-out, total hours for the day.  Be sure your name is legible on the card and that all information is correct.  Lunch break is not to be included as hours worked.



Immediately report to your supervisor all on-the-job accidents or injuries.  Supervisors are required to fill out an accident report form as soon as the accident is reported and submit to the General Manager.


If the accident is of a serious nature, someone will hone for emergency treatment and the injured person will be transported to the nearest emergency facility.


The Workers’ Compensation Board insists that within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of an accident a report must be filed, or a penalty could be imposed.  Please notify your supervisor of any injury to ensure that the proper forms will be completed.


Workers’ Compensation is funded solely by employers.  Our contribution is based on our actual experience rating versus the industry average.   If we gave more injuries requiring compensation, we will be assesses a higher premium.  These premiums are a significant cost and greatly affect our profitability, resources with which to grant wage increases, etc.  It is in all of our interests to be careful on the job and to avoid injury.


Rules and Regulations


As an employee, you are a representative of this company.  As such, you are responsible for maintaining and building good will with all customers.  For this reason, the company has developed guidelines for safety, performance and personal conduct.  One of your obligations as an employee of Club is to conform to these rules and regulations so that you can do your job efficiently, safely and with the care necessary to provide satisfaction to our customers.


  1. Always be positive, enthusiastic, and helpful in the presence of a customer. This attitude must be maintained at all times.  As far as each of us is concerned, the customer is GOLD!  We should realize that without our customers we have no business.


  1. Every customer must be greeted when entering the club, their name acknowledged when checking in, and a final pleasantry exchanged when leaving. This is the responsibility of the Front Desk.  Great emphasis will always be placed in this area.


  1. Employees are expected to take personal pride in their work. Our productivity can only be achieved if each employee puts in a full days work.  Company income and job security are directly affected by each employee’s productivity.


  1. When in personal contact with any customer, always maintain a courteous, helpful manner.


  1. Do not use profane or abusive language when on the premises at any time.


  1. Remember your telephone manners when making and/or responding to customer phone calls.


  1. Coming to work late, except for unavoidable situations, is an insult to your fellow workers. Since we are a team, we depend very heavily upon each other, which makes tardiness an intolerable condition.


  1. Maintain your work station in neat, clean and orderly condition at all times.


  1. You are not permitted to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum at your work station.


  1. Should you have a complaint or grievance, bring it to the attention of your supervisor of General Manager in privacy. Public criticism and malicious gossip will not be tolerated.  If you need to criticize a subordinate of fellow worker, do it privately in a closed office in a manner that is constructive and never in the presence of a customer.


  1. Any discussion regarding your earnings should be held with your supervisor in privacy. Review of your wage for the purpose of either increase or reduction is at the sole discretion of your supervisor, and will not be challenged and/or modified by anyone else in the company.  All employees will be reviewed at least once annually for salary adjustment based on performance and productivity.


  1. Your personal information contained in the company employee files will be maintained in the strictest confidence and will be available only to those who have a right-to-know status. We are responsible for maintaining a complete record on you.  This will include any information that will help this company effectively utilize your talents and capabilities.  It is essential that certain personal information is kept current.  Please report the following information changes to the office:  marital status, telephone numbers, dependents, health and address.


  1. Allowing friends or relatives to work with you on the job is forbidden.


  1. There will be no personal phone calls put through during regular working hours. Messages will be taken and delivered directly to the employee so that calls can be returned during the next available break.  In the case of an urgent message, calls will be put through; however, this privilege should not be abused.


  1. Outgoing personal calls must be made on break and from the pay phone.


  1. Report all damage, no matter how small, to your supervisor or General Manager at once. This applies both to the property of a customer or the company.


  1. Club cannot assume responsibility for the loss of personal articles. Our insurance will not cover such losses.


  1. All work and information handled by employees of Club are considered confidential and the sole property of the company. Employees are expected to never divulge customer affairs, prices, company plans, etc. to anyone who is not an employee.  Files, price lists, and other documents are not to be removed from the premises without prior permission.


  1. Employees of the Club are not permitted to park on the customer lot. Certain areas are designated for employee parking.  Please check with your supervisor.



Use of Facility


Employees working at least two shifts per week will be afforded the privilege of unlimited use of the facility as long as that does not interfere in any way with any members use of facility.


Use of any piece of equipment or any machine b an employee is not permitted if any member is waiting for its use.





Employees who need club keys in the performance of their duties will be issued the necessary keys.  The employee is responsible for those keys. Any loss of club keys must be reported immediately to Corporate Office.  Failure to do so could lead to immediate dismissal. Keys must be returned to club at the end of employment.


Emergency Aid Procedures


  1. Protect the individual from further injury
  2. Get someone to help, and stay with person
  3. Be able to perform CPR and/or first aid
  4. If deemed necessary contact 911 for emergency help
  5. Once the situation is stabilized fill out an accident or incident report.


Power Outage/Fire/Burglar Alarm Procedures


In the event of a power outage/fire or burglar alarm please follow these procedures;

  1. Immediately notify a supervisor
  2. If the alarm is activated during operational hours unnecessarily, contact the police/fire department and GM/DO to inform them that there is no emergency.
  3. In the event of a Fire Alarm:
    1. Immediately direct members to the nearest exit. Assure members with children that the nursery will take all the children out the nearest emergency exit
    2. Check the locker rooms to confirm that all members are vacated before you actually leave the building.


  1. If power outage occurs, our emergency back-up lighting system should activate. Assure members that everything is fine.  Members should not remain on any electricity powered equipment until power is restored.


  1. In the event of severe weather and a tornado alert has been issued. All members and staff should gather in designated safe areas.











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