Close-out Procedures

In order to hit your sales and cash goals for the month, one of the most important aspects is to learn how to close out strong.  The key to closing out strong is motivation, urgency, organization and the will to make it happen.  The following is a list of areas to focus on and use as a guideline in order to close out.

  1. Call all missed guests back for final day discount.
  1. Call all missed Telephone Inquiries for final day discount.
  1. Always tell prospects to bring a friend or two in.
  1. Call all new members and ask for referrals who would like to receive the same special they received.
  1. Call all Telephone Inquiries who didn’t show for a tour.
  1. Start setting up for close out four (4) days in advance.
  1. Plan on working a full shift.
  1. Work all Family Add ons and Sponsor Programs.
  1. Set all guest passes up to expire on close out dates.
  1. Call all payments due starting four (4) days in advance.
  1. Turn in all post dated checks.
  1. Set club goal for day and each sales person.
  1. Increase your intercom announcements.
  1. Plant someone at the front desk to work upgrades all day long.
  1. Have front desk and your personal voice mail answer the phones, “last days for……”
  1. Put up in-club signs at the front.
  1. Put up the tote board! Know where you’re at.
  1. Remember to set up for the first of the month. Don’t let this be the end.  Have all appointments who no show rolled over to the next day.  Start the next      month off strong.


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