Business of the Week Program

Objective:  The “Business of the Week program” is a prospecting tool to assist in setting appointments, community exposure of the club and club credibility.                                                         

The Program:  Here are the procedures to make this program a successful campaign for the salesperson and the club.

  1. Obtain a corporate directory from the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Begin working local businesses. (The same plaza to start).
  3. Canvassing will work, but the program is much more effective if it was referred by a member who is employed or knows a person at the business.
  4. Go to the business and present the program with a business of the week card, or guest passes.  Be direct with your presentation.  There is no need to be vague.  The program is completely free to the business and is very beneficial to them.  Be sure you talk to someone who will be committed to the project.  Here are the rules and regulations
    • All employees receive one free week of fitness and tanning (where available).
    • During the week any employee may enroll at a discounted fee.
    • Family members of the employees also have use of the facility.
    • The business may advertise in the club for one week (approval required)
    • Mail free pass directly to employee residence by obtaining their name and address from business.  If this cannot be done, do it through payroll or email.
    • Provide a complimentary month-to-month membership to the person committed to the project.
    • Set up a fitness seminar at the business prior to the actual week to create some excitement.  Get to know the employees.
    • To qualify for an ongoing corporate rate a minimum of five employees must enroll.
  1. Be sure to make P.A. announcements daily about the business of the week program.
  2. Decorate the club with an ongoing banner that can be changed each week with the new business.
  3. If you are able to obtain a list of employee and their phone numbers from the company you can actually set appointments with them for their initial workout.
  4. You should always have one business scheduled each week and be booked on month in advance always.

The Business of the Week program is an excellent way to establish corporate deals that may otherwise not have been considered.  Include this program in your monthy POA and your sales will flourish!


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