Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Program and Nutritional Program For Health Clubs, Fitness Centers and Gyms

Would you like higher margins with no investment and a greater market share? This program will include no inventory or start up fees, onsite workshops and email marketing to health club members.

The weight loss industry is taking money away from your health club, fitness center or gym. Most health club owners aren’t aware of this, and that’s why we are offering our turnkey approach to operators of fitness facilities and providing an opportunity to reach this lucrative and built-in market.

The most heard comments about the weight loss and nutrition industry and how the fitness industry is losing market share and profits: 1) I can’t afford another $40 a month for a fitness membership…I’m already paying $150 a month for my weight loss program.” The price for weight loss is much higher than that of a traditional fitness center, and people looking to have their problems solved by the weight loss industry are willing to pay the price for diet plans and weight loss programs, but sometimes fail to see the value that a fitness center can provide. 2) I need to lose 40lbs before I join a fitness center, so I’m paying $350 a month for a diet plan.” The average American has been on 10-20 diets in the last 3 1/2 – 5 years. That means money a health club, fitness center or gym could me making is being spent on weight loss, instead of inside the fitness facility.  3) I’m paying $35 a month for my fitness membership, and I’m paying $300 a mo for weight loss, also.

Members of health club, fitness centers and gyms are going elsewhere and paying premium prices for weight loss and nutritional programs, while spending significantly less at the fitness facility. Wouldn’t you like to that money to be spent at your fitness facility, rather than somewhere else? Through our program, the health club, fitness center or gym can offer weight loss and nutritional products with no inventory or start up fees, have onsite member education workshops and a regular email marketing campaign to encourage member participation.

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“While we share the ‘how to’s,’ we help you effectively apply success principles yourself. Our programs are designed to give you quick measurable results.” ~ Jim Thomas

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A Recommendation of Jim Thomas, President of Fitness Management and Consulting

by Norm Cates, Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993

Jim Thomas is a talented, experienced, dedicated, determined, and very professional expert in the health, racquet and sportsclub industry.  A club industry veteran of over 30 years, Jim has been a Club Insider Contributing Author since March of 2006, when he joined our Club Insider Contributing Author Team. During that time Jim has written and contributed 50 articles which have been published during our 284 months of Club Insider publishing.  Jim Thomas is a truly great asset to our publication, and to our wonderful industry, and he can be trusted to deliver great results, over and over, no matter what the challenge.

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