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Fitness industry operators must manage their businesses smarter than ever. Health club owners who must find the best people available to fill health fitness jobs often use the same old resources to find new people. But they often use the same old resources to find new people.

To hire the best and make a difference from day one, you need to think beyond traditional job fairs, classifieds and web postings. You need the only search firm that specializes in health fitness and wellness industry placement, as well as employment in the sports, spa and recreation markets.

We maintain a rich database of qualified candidates and resumes for a variety of fitness industry positions, augmented by an extensive network that facilitates every search. Many of these individuals are not actively seeking new employment and will not be discovered by a traditional candidate search. Once a client engages our services, we embark upon our proven Four-Steps to Success® system: The Search, Present Candidates, The Interview, and The Offer!

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