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This Performance Yoga Mat Company manufactures 100% recycled rubber yoga/fitness mats that can be recycled again. We also sell mat cleaner and branded t-shirts. We are a small sustainable business with all products sourced from ethical USA-based companies. The business can be operated from home, warehouse, or remotely.

We produce black mats in a rectangle shape (74”x24”x3/16”) and a unique oval shape (72”x24”x3/16”). The mats come in black but is possible to have color sprinkled into the recycled rubber grind. While our mats are loved for yoga, they are also used as an “all purpose” mat in gyms for fitness and stretching.

Product Strengths: Healthier. Almost all yoga mats are produced in China from PVC, a cancer causing chemical. Ours are produced in the USA from recycled rubber and don’t need to carry the warning label in California.

Performance: Our mats are high performance. Yogis love how “grippy” they are. We have testimonials stating preference for our product over the market leaders.

Customization. Our mats can be personalized with laser etching of any words, logo, or design. We have the only mats on the market where this is possible

Asking Price: $59,000
Annual Sales: Approximately $25,000

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