Functional Group Exercise Licensing and Certification

Have you thought about adding a group exercise program to your fitness center? Have you thought about starting your own group exercise program? Did you know that group exercise programs, when done correctly, are one of the best way fitness enthusiasts like yourself can improve member retention?! Studies show that people who participate in group exercise classes are more likely to recommend their club to a friend or family member as compared to “traditional” workout facilities! Now who wouldn’t want a little bit of free advertising help to help grow your business! We provide club owners with programs that get your clients in The Best Shape Possible, In The Shortest Time Possible, The Safest Way Possible! From warm ups to cool downs, from fast paced conditioning to slower paced strength workouts. We provide you with the tools necessary to lead a group exercise program with the motivation needed to empower your members to give it their all. If you need help with, Fitness, Nutrition, or Recovery programs, we have 3 your back!

Did you know that as many as one-third of new members leave your club by month 3? Yes, literally 33 percent of new sign-ups are gone! Those first weeks are crucial in setting up your new members for success. You need to have a well planned out onboarding process that includes email tips, motivation, how-to’s, what to expect’s, and create a safe environment for your members to ask questions. All while kicking their butt’s into shape! This kind of introduction to group exercise programs allows your members to gain the confidence they need to stick with a life changing program for years to come. With our progression system built in to each class, you will have no trouble working with absolute beginners, to professional athletes, all while getting them the results they deserve! Now let’s go Change Some Lives!

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